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How Leo hide that they are in love

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5 signs your Leo man is infatuated with you

01/6Look for these signs

How Leo hide that they are in love? He is forceful and exceptionally direct for certain individuals. On the off chance that a Leo man is enamored with you, he will drop implies and do a few things that will demonstrate that he is infatuated with you. Here are the 5 signs that will inform you as to whether your Leo man is infatuated with you.

Rashi Gaur – Worldwide Expert, Soothsaying, Numerology, Vastu and Feng Shui told us: “They are irredeemable sentimental people no question and assuming they are showering that adoration upon you, you don't have to stress. A Leo man in adoration with you will cause you to feel extraordinary. Above all, you won't need to request his consideration. He will get it to you numerous extraordinary ways.”

02/6He gets envious

This one is among the surest signs that show the way that he has become hopelessly enamored with you. There will be episodes of envy. A companion gets defensive yet a Leo man will take it to a higher level. On the off chance that you are attempting to cause him to feel desirous purposely, it might switch him off completely.


He will show his affection out in the open and no difference either way. On the off chance that a Leo man loves you, he won't have issues kissing you openly, clasping hands, embracing you and he won't think often about others assessment.

04/6He needs to have intercourse constantly

Leo men resemble canines on heat, prepared to do it any time, anyplace! They are notable or scandalous for their enthusiastic streak and they need actual contact in many structures. In the event that he is with you from a real perspective, a man in adoration, he will communicate his thoughts genuinely, a great deal. They don't show this side to somebody they don't actually adore.

05/6He will cause you to feel unique

On the off chance that you have a Leo man in your life and he really cherishes you, he will cause you to feel extraordinary in various ways. He will let you as well as his general surroundings realize that you are the focal point of his universe. It will be his motions and astonishments and little insightful demonstrations that will cause you to feel needed.


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