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When looking to purchase caravan covers there are a few important considerations you should take into account to ensure you get the best value and a long service life from them.

Price does matter and you really do get what you pay for, cheap low end caravan covers will usually not last very long, so you should budget for the best quality caravan covers you can afford and reject any that do not have a long manufacturer’s warranty.

Conditions of storage

The type of caravan covers best suited to your caravan will depend on where you keep it.

  • Is your caravan kept under a shelter or exposed to the elements?

If you keep your caravan under cover in a carport of garage then you will most probably need a light weight cover designed to keep bird and insect droppings, dust and air pollution off your caravan. These types of quality covers you can expect a long life, from five years plus. But always look for a high quality breathable cover that fits snugly to keep out unwanted visitors as many pests find a loose cover an irresistible place to hide and can cause a lot of damage

If you caravan is kept outside and exposed to the elements then you will require high quality caravan covers to protect it and maintain it in pristine condition.

Quality caravan covers should fit your van snugly and not flap in the wind or allow water to pool on them during wet conditions. Look for caravan covers with a long warranty periods as this shows that the manufacture has used quality long lasting material that’s designed to protect your van in all the different harsh Australian weather conditions.

Types of materials 

For longevity, the ideal caravan covers are made from high quality polypropylene, a thermoplastic polymer in multiple layers of 3 or 4 ply fabrics and include a soft non scratch inner layer. This means your caravan covers are breathable and water resistant as well as giving a high degree of UV protection and will not fall apart because of sun exposure.

Special features

There are a number of special features that can improve caravan covers usability such as elastisiced hems, Velcro straps, reinforced seams and built in door access in the caravan covers allowing easy access to your van. Transparent windows and dedicated air vents to improve circulation and prevent any moisture build up inside or under the caravan covers means there will be no mould and the fabric will remain in better condition.

A bonus if your caravan is exposed to passing traffic is extra protective layers on the side to protect against knocks, bangs and scratching.

High Quality caravan covers that are a good fit and match the conditions your caravan is stored under can be expected to last for five years or more. Choosing the best caravan covers you can afford from a reputable manufacture will ensure your cover lasts and protects your caravan for many seasons.


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