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How Long Does Pregnancy Last In The Cat And What Are The Signs?

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How to spot the early signs of cat pregnancy | helpucover

Pregnancy is a wonderful journey not only for humans but also for cats. This experience brings about several challenges to the expectant. If you have a female cat, be ready physically, financially, and emotionally when she gets pregnant.

Understand the things your feline may face as she proceeds with her kittenhood journey. Knowing the things your cat may experience can help you be that responsible fur parent, ready to give aid. 

Here are the essential details you need to know:
 Your cat’s body will gradually change, but this will only be evident during the last few weeks of her pregnancy.
 Pinking or the transformation of your cat’s nipples into a pinkish hue will be visible.
 Your cat will put on some weight and may start to produce milk as her glands fill up.
 Changes in behavior may become obvious. Your cat may become more
anxious, looking for a nesting site for her kittens.
 This practice is called the nesting behavior that occurs during the last two weeks of cat pregnancy. You may aid your cat on this matter by providing her with a cardboard box or comfortable bed.

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