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Batteries are ordinarily one of the fundamental components of a golf truck, actually like the vehicle battery is. Yet, unique in relation to the vehicle batteries, the golf carts utilize profound cycle batteries to control them not a gas-fueled motor. This is so a consistent current can be accomplished for a significant distance.

The electrical drive framework fueled for EZGo golf carts is either a day and a half or 48-volt. Some more up to date models are 72 volts. This requires a mix of numerous batteries in other to work appropriately.

What number of Batteries Are There in an EZGo Golf Cart? 

An EZGo golf cart has either 3, 4, 6, or 8, golf cart batteries. The normal golf cart will require 4 to 6 batteries (generally 6) for ideal execution. Just in more seasoned a day and a half carts, you'll discover 3 batteries, and some 6-volt forms will have 8 batteries.

In the golf cart plan, the (various) batteries inside and out supply the perfect measure of voltage and amperage needed to control the cart. That is, the point at which this 3, 4, or 6 batteries are connected, they will summarize and create a force of either 36 volts or 48 volts.

How Does the Number of batteries fit the Battery Configurations for an EZGo Golf Cart?

The activity of golf carts viably happens on a progression of golf cart batteries to supply sufficient force. That is, the battery framework is an arrangement, thus more than one battery associated together to increase the voltage. For instance, six 8-volt batteries will create a 48-volt battery framework, or similarly just as for four 12-volt batteries for a similar 48-volt battery framework. 

Among the golf carts, there are more extensive decisions for six 8-volt batteries than of four 12-volt batteries for the 48-volt battery framework. The battery arrangements are extended underneath: 

6 Volt Golf Cart Batteries

A 6-volt golf cart battery is normally spotted with 3 cell covers at top of the battery. This shows 2 volts for every cell. As a general rule, a solitary 6-volt golf cart battery will contain the best amperage limit and concede likewise the best reach in a 8-6 volt battery setup.

8 Volt Golf Cart Batteries

A 8-volt golf cart battery is generally spotted with 4 cell covers at top of the battery. This shows 2 volts for each cell. Usually, a solitary 8-volt golf cart battery will contain moderate amperage limit. For a large portion of the electric golf carts, it is never an unexpected that they are regular with this 6-8 volt golf cart battery pack arrangement.

12 Volt Golf Cart Batteries

A 12-volt golf cart battery is typically spotted with 6 cell covers on top of the battery. This shows 2 volts for each cell. Regularly, a solitary 12-volt golf cart battery contains the littlest amperage limit. This framework is affectionately utilized in battery frameworks of 72-volt which are uncommon. The golf cart batteries battery frameworks setup for EZGo carts that are ordinarily utilized are the 4-12 volt frameworks.

How would you Determine Your Golf Cart Voltage?

The quickest method to know the sort of batteries your golf cart houses is the accompanying:

  • Pull your golf cart's front seat upwards and recognize the area of the golf cart battery compartment. 

  • Search for markings that disclose to you the battery's voltage. On the off chance that there are no markings, keep on venturing 3. 

  • Intently examine the batteries for the corrosive openings. The openings are on every battery headcover. For every battery, the complete number is normally 3, 4, or 6 openings on the top. 

  • To sort out the golf cart battery's voltage, for every one of the quantity of corrosive openings on one of your batteries, increase the number by 2. Each opening is equivalent to 2 volts. 

  • At long last, duplicate the voltage of the golf cart battery by the amount of the golf cart batteries that are introduced in the specific golf cart.

Another route is to take a gander at your carts client manual, or even take a multimeter and test your batteries voltage. 


The most well-known voltage in golf carts today is 48 volts. Some more seasoned models are a day and a half, and some more current are 72 volts. 48 volt carts can either have 4 12v batteries, or six 8 volt batteries. 

A 36 Volt Pack is seen on most more established golf carts and has an arrangement course of action of six 6 Volt batteries. 

Uncommon and few present day golf carts incorporate 72 Volt load with a course of action of 6 X 12 Volts.


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