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While you can wear black, grey, and white all the time, where’s the fun in that? Bringing a little color to your outfit makes it pop and helps you elevate your style for various occasions. Whether that’s blue or red pullovers, olive green pants, or a colorful plaid button up, vibrant pieces create an outfit that’s all you. Here’s what you need to know about building color in your style.

The Power of Colors

While the style and cut of your clothing are important, color is equally, if not more, crucial to the vibe of your overall outfit. Bright colors like red and yellow can help build a striking and memorable look, while earthy tones can help you feel more casual and one with nature. Colors make powerful statements, and it’s essential to choose them intentionally. Even something as simple as a quarter zip should be in a color that complements the rest of your look. The right hue can make all the difference.

Build a Base of Neutrals

You can never go wrong with neutral colors, and they should be the base of any wardrobe. They match almost anything and help you look your best in various situations. White, grey, black, and a selection of light blue, navy, and brown can help you build a foundation for your wardrobe. Grab a few T-shirts or polos in these colors and some outerwear like a pullover, button up, and vest. If you don’t want to wear any more colors, you’ve already got yourself a complete outfit. If you want to jazz it up, you’re ready to add some additional colors.

3 Is the Magic Number

Now that you’re ready to add fun shades and hues to your looks, remember to always work by the rule of three. Don’t build an outfit that consists of more than three colors. Already wearing grey and white? Choose one standout color to add some vibrancy to your look. Rock a baby blue puffer vest, or try a maroon pullover. If you’ve got a light blue button up and khaki pants, a grey sport coat can be the finishing touch. Sticking to three shades makes it easy to ensure your colors mesh well and work together to build a cohesive outfit.

Pull Your Whole Outfit Together

Color isn’t just one small part of your outfit. In fact, it’s really the only thing that encompasses your look from head to toe. You can use your color choices to bring your whole outfit together. Don’t forget about your shoes and other accessories like your belt, watch, or hat. Apply all the same rules to every piece of your outfit. That way, all of the individual pieces will blend seamlessly, and you’ll look your best wherever you go.

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