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How Metaverse is revolutionizing online education

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Currently, the main theme in the tech space is “metaverse” and these augmented reality virtual worlds are becoming more and more popular. The Metaverse concept has been around for a long time, but no one thought  it would be more than  a simple gaming experience. XANA believes that Metaverse has the potential to revolutionize the education system. 

 The COVID-19 pandemic (global pandemic) has affected all sectors, including education. Around 1.6 billion students worldwide have a learning disability. These circumstances have allowed for the hasty emergence of online or virtual education. What the virtual world means for schooling should not be ignored. XANA uses the Metaverse to transform the training space into a new borderless virtual learning paradigm. 

 A lot of research has been done on this topic, which proves that virtual student learning is more effective than video sessions. It has been scientifically proven that virtual learning environments are 9 times more effective than online learning.

Metaverse Platforms Are Bringing Revolution Into Education System 

 Currently there are several Metaverse platforms working actively. One of them is XANA; it is implementing new blockchain and metaverse technologies to create a virtual world for various industries. These sectors will provide the necessary infrastructure and resources to create educational programs on Metaverse. XANA will accelerate the disruption of the education system through immersive experiences with the world (virtual 3D environment) and avatars. 

 They will radically improve the virtual experience, 

 an essential element of virtual education. XANA is committed to creating more comprehensive and creative educational solutions for educational institutions.

How XANA Is Providing Its Services In An Educational Space?  

Educational institutions can join XANA to create a Metaverse School that provides students with a cuttingedge learning experience. As an educational institution, you can use Metaverse to create software courses for students around the world in a virtual world. You can also use Metaverse to schedule live lecture sessions. This is much better than a standard video recording or video call class. The following XANA features  provide a complete teaching and learning experience.

Live Chat: 

 students can communicate with teachers, school and other students through the chat window. This is a whole new paradigm for learning systems.

Access to students from all over the world: 

 Wherever students are, the XANA Metaverse allows educators to focus on all students at the same time with just one digital avatar. People living in Japan or India can study at the same time with the same tutor. 

 Additionally, students from all over the world are no longer limited by national borders and can digitally meet and connect with other students anywhere in the XANA metaverse.

Interact like avatars: 

 For a higher and extra enticing gaining knowledge of experience, educators and college students create their very own avatars. They can use them to engage with every different withinside the metaverse. . You will have one-on-one education sessions, and talk tough topics. Additionally, you may even meet your friends in character in XANA`s huge digital world.

Exploring Metaverse Space with XANA: 

 Exploring Metaverse is essential. Schools can change the future of their students and the metaverse by integrating metaverse research into their curriculum. XANA will create a learning model for students with a curriculum like 3-month or 6-month access to Metaverse. Here, students can learn from the ground up about the Metaverse, how it works, how it adds value to the marketplace, and how it can change the future of humanity.



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