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How Mobile Apps Drives Digital Transformation Of Your Business?

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Digital transformation is becoming the world’s favorite phenomenon that businesses across industries relate in a true sense. Enterprises, SMBs, and varied other big, small, and medium-sized companies are getting impacted by the digital effervescence. Digital technology-led Mobile apps are one of the major drivers behind the digital transformation journey of businesses irrespective of the industries they belong to.

Adopting the latest digital tools and technologies, AI-ML-enabled mobile app development processes are a few ways that companies can herald their digital transformation journey. And, it is worth knowing that digital transformation is not a way-achievement but it means transformation that happens in varied phases, across departments within an organization. Web and Mobile applications are one of the ways that these organizations are driving their business goals reaching their target customers and gaining profits in the end. But, it is a small step towards the complete transformation goal. Let’s go deep into the topic and elaborate on how mobile apps drive the digital transformation of your business impacting your ROI and brand recognition in the market.


What is Digital Transformation?

Technology is the core behind any transformation process. Without technology intervention, your business cannot make progress. Think about those Excel spreadsheets in your old versions of MS-EXCEL software. Compare them with today’s alternatives like Google Spreadsheets that work on CLOUDs.This is one of the small examples of a meager transformation that occurred in the system. You can understand digital transformation in a similar pattern, where modern digital technologies like AI(Artificial Intelligence), ML(Machine Learning), IoT(Internet-of-Things), etc. are facilitating growth, progress, positive changes in the current business landscape. It is understood as a kind of evolutionary journey that means bringing ‘change with time. Thus, digital transformation means transforming an already existing business process, or, creating a new process in the business ecospace with the help of AI-ML digital technologies. The process transforms business that leads to enhancing customer experiences, matching cultural changes with time as well as focusing on the ever-changing current market needs. In today’s digital space, the overall nature of a business entails is a kind of transformation only as it undergoes varied phases, starts ends the manner your business interacts with your customers! Just the way the world has moved from paper to MS word and Spreadsheet and then to smart apps/applications, similarly mobile apps/mobile applications have brought another kind of change triggering the digital transformation process.

Mobile App for DX

Digital transformation is triggered either by adopting digital technology or when there is no technology at all in the system and the lack of proper technology is hampering progress. So, in both cases, situations lead to transformation and digital becomes the main driver! Digital technologies-powered mobile apps enable businesses to adopt digitalized versions of business models while giving up traditional or legacy models. As a result, it empowers them and connects to customers leading to enhanced customer experience and profitable returns.

Today’s COVID crisis has further pushed organizations across industries to adopt mobile apps for their businesses and bring significant transformation to the ecosystem. For example, AI-Ml-based Predictive Analytics mobile apps help to access real-time data, process them, and know your customers better and their demands, helping in the decision-making process. Automation of business processes leads to efficiency, productivity that is cost-saving and time-saving affairs. With the onset of the current pandemic, the whole landscape of business affairs has changed forever. A CIO Outlook 2021 survey says that digital transformation happens to be the top priority for 77% of CIOs, and, Artificial Intelligence(AI) and automation are significant digital technologies that they want to adopt first. This is how mobile apps are leading digital transformation in companies across the globe.

Considerations While Implementing DX

  1. Goal-Setting

Set your goals, objectives that are conducive to your business type and specific to your business requirement. It is not necessary that what works for other companies/competitors might work for you as well.SO, you need to chalk out specific goals, define your objectives that will serve your purpose of solving specific challenges your organization faces. Defining objectives can lead to digital transformation and you can see better which digital technologies to adopt and implement across departments. Thus, your goal specification should have two major questions- What is the specific challenge? How your digital transformation process can help solve that challenge?

These questions will help serve you to define goals. You are strongly advised to consult/hire a dedicated web & mobile app development company that has expertise in digital transformation implementations and initiatives. Look at their reviews and past records of how they have helped companies earlier, referring to online review sites(Clutch, Googdfirms, etc.).


  1. Setting DX Strategy

After setting your goals and defining your objectives towards the digital transformation journey, You then start planning details to execute your goals. What strategies you will adopt? Thoroughly do your homework, find the pros and cons of your goals and realistic perspectives, accordingly plan based on the specific business needs. You need to set varied ways your employees can access crucial data/information in your company, they don’t have to struggle, and allow an easier/convenient collaboration between them and the company. All these minute details lead to creating substantial strategies to start the digital transformation of your business and plan a perfect framework.


  1. Selecting Digital Technologies

After doing the part of the DX strategy, you need to devise a plan for adopting digital tools and technologies to carry on your functions and operations. Thus, making assessments of your requirement, matching it with your statregy and plan in place, you need to start creating mobile apps and solutions to execute the plan. Obviously, your consulting mobile app development company can help you start your mobile app journey. You should know that your mobile app needs to be focused on your business requirement and your target market and audience.


Creating Mobile Apps For your DX Journey

Digital Transformation(DX) journey needs an adequate set of digital tools and technologies to start the process. A mobile app specific to your business type and requirement is one of the ways you can make your journey go smooth and in the forward direction. Remember, digital transformation is not just one achievement but it is the process that entails varied achievents from time to time, and in phases. Among varied components falling within the gamut of digital transformation, mobile app development is a major one. While people across the world are dependent on mobile devices for conducting business,shopping,selling/buying, and all sorts of business transactions, b2b/b2c business negotiations are being done via smartphones, a perfect mobile app is an answer to any digital transformation aspect of a company.

5 Significant Ways your Mobile Application can facilitate Digtal Transformation for your Business :


  1. Enhanced Customer Experience- A suitable mobile application provides you the ample scope for improving your customers’ journey. Your specific mobile app can enhance user experience therby leading to more sales increasing profit. You should know that the Mool Mantra for your business returns is the ultimate customer satisfaction and enhanced customer experience.
  2. Improved Reach Your business reach can transform and excel, reaching more people and places in a single click, no need to visit any website and do random searches/research that is time-consuming and not giving valued results. Since your customers can install varied apps on their mobile devices, they are happy to interact with your business via mobile apps rather than going to your website and do the clumsy tasks. In 2020 alone, over 141 billion mobile apps got downloaded the world over. Thus, in the process of digital transformation, your specific mobile app connects with your target audience and does the needful generating ROI for your business ultimately!
  3. Improved Customer Engagement – Your business-centric mobile app contributes to increasing the engagement level of your existing audience/target customers. Based on the demographic details of your target audience, AI-ML-powered predictive analytics help you analyze your customers’ demand and expectations (forecasting demand), and this leads you to create products/services as per their demand. Your mobile app is specific to these kinds of requirements and leads to user engagement, interaction-time span with your apps, going for paid subscriptions, and other ways, leading to increase your ROI.
  4. Efficient Employee Management – Mobile apps specific to your business also help you deal with workforce management efficiently. Connecting your varied departments, varied branches of your company in different parts of the world, all these facets are effectively handled by your mobile apps.
  5. Enabling Enterprise Mobility – In the current pandemic crisis, employees across companies are working on a remote basis. Productivity, efficiency has increased more because of the modern technologies intervention in the ecosystem. AI-ML-based mobile apps allow employees in your organization to complete tasks effectively. Sharing of data, content, collaborating with peers and departments across geographic locations and time zones, are a few ways mobile apps can enable enterprise mobility.


Final Thought

You can now estimate the importance of mobile app development in your digital transformation journey. The specific mobile apps for your business can result in creating avenues for more ROIs and profitable returns if you follow the strategy you have created for your company’s DX process. Of-Course, this cannot be done by you alone, because you need proper guidance from an authorized mobile app development company, who can devise strategies conducive for your business type. Mobile apps specific to your business are the ultimate choices that can lead you to the path of digital transformation and development.


Want to explore the world of digital technologies and find out which is the best suitable option for creating a mobile app leading to digital transformation for your business? Contact our experts and get started today.


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