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How monday.com Integrations are Beneficial for Project Teams

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Project success is all about maintaining effective project management and team productivity. Be it a start-up, a decentralized team, or a leading enterprise, there should be a platform for organizing the projects. Cloud-based project management solutions have been the new favorite of enterprises for quite some time now.

Since the project teams are becoming bigger, greater collaboration is required and a Cloud-based platform facilitates smooth collaboration within a few clicks. Around 81% of enterprises prefer using Cloud-based PM software to track their KPIs and meet business goals on time. Moreover, Cloud-based PM software is cost-effective when compared to buying a license for traditional PM software. monday.com is one such Cloud-based project management software platform that offers a range of features to enterprises to handle complex teams or projects while creating a more transparent work culture.

Features of monday.com

  • Easy to Use Interface – monday.com provides a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface that allows users to rapidly map out their preferred functionality. Besides, it allows project members to build personalized dashboards and improve real-time team collaboration among the team.
  • Smart Collaboration Space – monday.com equips enterprises with the tools to create custom dashboards and track project budgets, progress, and timelines at a glance. Project members can effortlessly run reports from a high-level perception down to the very last detail. Customizable boards built using monday.com help teams keep everyone on the same page. Besides, the project managers or supervisors can gain the power to control access of other users to the business data when required.
  • Modify and Filter the Records – monday.com allows project members to filter, sort, and simply reorganize their saved records. Moreover, users are allowed to conceal certain databases, records, or fields and show only the relevant information to authorized users.

Why Use monday.com Integrations

App integration is one of the key reasons behind the popularity of the monday.com tool. The monday.com integrations lessen uncertainties that arise due to decentralized working situations and raise team collaboration through several app integrations. By implementing integrations, organizations and entrepreneurs can manage everything starting from day-to-day tasks to inventory management in a structured way. Also, monday.com integrations focus on automating several routine processes, making workflows more efficient. When the internal project members collaborate more seamlessly without any workflow obstructions, enterprises can experience long-term success.

6 Important monday.com Integrations for Teams

Incredibly, monday.com integrates well with all the real-time applications used by enterprises. This means project members can simply sync data from various apps to streamline processes. The platform integrates with applications like Google Calendar, Gmail, Outlook, Slack, JotForm, GDrive, MailChimp, and Dropbox. Even better, it integrates efficiently with Shopify, Webhooks, Clearbit, Twilio, Basecamp, Todoist, Salesforce, and Github.

Let's look at some of the best monday.com integrations that project management teams should use:

monday.com Email Integration

E-mailing process may sound like a simple task to perform but it becomes highly uncontrollable when project teams deal with a large number of processes. Therefore, monday.com email integration helps project teams spontaneously create, update, and organize interactions and tasks straight within monday.com. monday.com email integration helps project workers to stay on top of their daily responsibilities and mission-critical tasks. Besides, project members can effortlessly share any updates, modifications, or further messages to their supervisors, connections, and other teams without manually sifting & entering the mail IDs of every person every time.

monday.com Microsoft Teams Integration

By implementing monday.com MS Teams integration, project users can link monday.com boards to their preferred Teams' channel, and capture updates rapidly. This integration allows project users to use monday.com's “personal space tab” as a medium to handle daily workflows. Moreover, project superiors can sift through crucial Teams' chats/communications straight from monday.com boards and share them with associates or other team members to assure everyone is on the same page. It also permits project supervisors to create scheduled Teams meetings directly using the monday.com calendar.

Salesforce monday Integration

Integrating Salesforce with monday.com helps enterprises organize sales workflows and enhance communication among teams. This way organizations can perfectly connect various systems, consolidate sales functions, modernize processes, and experience major cost benefits. Executing this integration is explicitly beneficial for sales administrators to assign tasks efficiently and can remain ahead of all operations by using a single platform.

Salesforce monday.com integration allows managers to monitor every action of project members. Therefore, tasks can be easily allocated and observed well. With such a careful allocation of responsibilities, there is no room for missed targets or elapsed details. Tracking user information and customer engagement can be made easier with monday.com Salesforce Integration. In simple, monday.com Salesforce Integration enhances customer engagement, increases the user satisfaction rate, and offers a greater employee experience.

Slack monday.com Integration

One of the crucial team communication apps utilized by organizations is Slack. This application has significantly gained a reputation among enterprises that adopt the remote work approach. Project teams that are already using Slack can improve productivity by integrating with monday.com.

With monday.com Slack integration, project users can change or modify any Slack text into a task on monday.com. Moreover, project supervisors can connect this task to any in-progress project, build a task description, and assign the task to a project group associate.

  • monday.com triggers immediate reminders on Slack channels, enabling project leaders to identify which project member is currently working on what process.
  • monday.com provides notifications to project leaders' Slack channels when the assigned team members modify tasks, provide comments, or accomplish processes.

Hence, project management teams are no longer required to ensure exclusive storage systems for managing records. Besides, monday.com Slack integration will improve the competence of teams. By associating with the recognized monday integrations service provider, organizations can implement Slack integration, and drive team collaboration.

Google Calendar Integration

At times, formulating tasks isn't adequate to transform concepts into reality. That's why various leading organizations suggest scheduling tasks, events, and specifically time-reliant processes into a calendar. Hence, monday.com Google Calendar integration allows project teams to assign tasks to connections in an effective way. Besides, monday Google Calendar integration provides bi-directional syncing. This functionality helps project teams to stay updated with their overall schedules, reminders, and meetings without switching between platforms.

Quickbooks monday.com Integration

Quickbooks and monday.com are the two most popular Cloud-based platforms, where monday.com is a Cloud-based work OS and Quickbooks is a cloud app that helps teams comprehensively organize customer and accounting information. By merging these two platforms, the workforce can certainly access all of their purchase and sales records directly from the monday.com inventory board.

By performing this integration, organizations can import entire accounts into the monday.com inventory from the existing Quickbooks account. Moreover, users can also export credit notes, bills, and invoices along with disbursements from the monday.com inventory board to Quickbooks. In general, monday.com Quickbooks integration will help organizations save money, and time, and reduce double data processing. Project management teams can stay updated on task lists by efficiently recording and managing all financial statements and data on cloud storage.

Wrapping Up

Indeed, monday.com will certainly fit into any enterprise's infrastructure. This platform helps enterprises automate various organizational processes and help obtain the desired outcomes. monday.com allows businesses to stay productive on the work that requires more attention and time. 

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