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A progressive web app is a type of application software delivered through the web built using some common web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It is expected to work on any of the platforms that work on standards-compliant browsers that include both desktop and mobile devices. 

A progressive web app is a type of website or web page that is known as a web application. They don’t need any separate binding or bundling. Developers can easily publish the website whenever it is ready to upload. You need to hire a progressive web app development company to develop your PWA. 

Benefits of using a progressive web app

  • Progressive web apps serve as a unique mixture of both the apps are web apps and native apps. They can be easily accessed online in a similar way to their native parts. It depends on the data that is cached by the app when it has last interacted with the internet. This can make progressive web app more accessible even in the limited face of low connectivity. The businesses who sell their products through catalogs or magazines can get benefits from progressive web apps because the users won’t need to reload the page for the same thing. 

  • The devoted developers come with progressive web apps that can run easily on multiple platforms. This can help to reduce the development cost compared to its native parts. It is quite easy to come across JavaScript, CSS, and HTML developers that will help in getting competing rates in the market. 

  • During the installation of progressive web apps, users won’t be redirected to the app stores. PWA apps can be downloaded on mobile devices easily and quickly. This app feels comfortable for many who don’t like to work on native applications that are time-consuming. 

  • PWA has a website-like URL that makes them both linkable and indexable. Just like a website, SEO techniques can be added to progressive web apps. This allows search engines to access the data that concerns user behavior. The same thing cannot be done with the native app because this makes it difficult for developers to gain data for analysis. 

  • The progressive web apps are resolved over HTTPS protocol that prevents the connection to alter contents or displaying private information. This makes them safe from hacking and theft.

  • Users can easily save the apps they found beneficial along with the corresponding icon that is placed on the home screen without dealing with all the complexities of installing an app from the app store. 

  • A progressive web app can help both the application and website of the business that follows consistent principles in terms of content and marketing. Although both are developed by relying on the same coding platform, this can also bring down their cost and helps with the maintenance in the long term.

  • In the end, a progressive web app allows sending push notifications to your website that can give you benefits.

Cost to develop a progressive web app

The cost of developing a PWA app may vary depending upon the features and the location where you develop the app. 

Given below is the hourly cost depending upon the different regions:

  • USA and Canada – $60 – $150 per hour

  • Australia – $50 – $120 per hour

  • South America – $20- $110 per hour

  • UK – $40 – $160 per hour

  • India – $10 – $ 75 per hour

  • Indonesia – $20 per hour

These are the per hour cost across different countries. This cost can vary depending upon the company the cost that is mentioned is just an approximate cost.


PWA app development is considered to be the best platform for app development. If you want to develop your own PWA then you need to hire a progressive web app development company. Nevina Infotech is the best company for PWA development, they have a great team to work with as the PWA developers are so dedicated and well-trained.


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