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Salesforce is one of the best CRM & a go-to solution for many organizations. The Salesforce pricing may look pretty straightforward, but it’s layered and more complex than at first glance. Due to a lack of understanding, many organizations pay more than they need to.

After plenty of client handling & salesforce operations, we are here to help you get a grip on how much Salesforce will really cost you so that you can make smart decisions to save your money with laudable results. Here are some hidden costs you should watch out for while determining the overall Salesforce cost.

  • Storage

    In salesforce, storage places a huge role. Data and file storage is a much the expensive add-on irrespective of the license you’ve chosen. 
    1) 1GB of data storage- Accounts, Article Types, Contacts, Google docs, Leads, etc.
    2) 10 GB of file storage- For all documents and attachments used per organization.
    If you’re planning to buy Professional or Enterprise as an additional purchase you will get access to 20 MB data storage per user, 612MB file storage per user, and 120 MB data storage if you buy the Unlimited edition.

  • Support

    Salesforce offers basic support in their starter plans. To get the most out of Salesforce you must get 24* support, via phone,  developer support, lightning-fast response, and success guidance. And in order to access these privileges, you need to buy Premier or Premier+ Success plans with an additional 20%-30% of your total license cost.

  • Mobile Integration

    If you want to access Salesforce CRM on the go, you can do so with Mobile Lite which is a free mobile-based solution provided by Salesforce. But this service has restricted functionality and does not include key features such as custom objects, configuration customization, and so on. An alternative here is to buy the full version of Salesforce Mobile Lite so that you can customize the entire solution at your will. 

  • Offline Access
    Offline Access is one of the most crucial aspects to be considered when determining your Salesforce cost. Getting access to CRM offline is crucial as you may at times need your CRM info on the go even if you are in a situation without internet connectivity. Salesforce does provide a possibility to access CRM offline through a facility called a briefcase which is an online and offline edition of Salesforce CRM. This edition is free for customers using Enterprise and Unlimited plans. But if you’re about to purchase the Professional edition, get ready to pay $25 per user per month.

  • API Call Limits

    API call limits literally decide your CRM’s near future. It can cause a butterfly effect in your CRM strategies, especially in the case of any complex integration projects planned. 

By now you’ve understood that Salesforce pricing structure needs careful consideration. What looks like a basic quote as cheap as $25/month can escalate to $1000 per month if you are not aware of the hidden costs of Salesforce. 

If you need any additional information regarding Salesforce implementation costs or you want help optimizing your Salesforce license cost,  do get in touch for a 1:1 call with our Salesforce MVP.




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