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Do you want to know the charges for truck rental services in India? How much does it cost to book a  truck on rent in India? Well, the answer to this question varies on several points. In this blog, we will discuss everything related to truck rental services and their charges in India.

What is Truck Rental Services

When you don’t need professionals but a vehicle to transport your goods from one place to another, you book a truck on rent. Goods transport companies provide a vehicle to you on rent, which is known as truck rental services.

For local house shifting in India, people need a vehicle to transport their luggage in one go. Often relocators use their vehicle to transport goods. But, that’s not a wise decision. Because a personal car cannot accommodate entire household goods. And, even if it is, one will have to do multiple trips for that. And, you would not agree to put this much effort and spend lots of money.

Smart people book packers and movers services in India. Professional movers take the responsibility of packing and transporting your belongings from one place to another. From packing to loading, transporting, and unloading them, movers handle everything. You will get only what you need. And they are a savior for people moving to a long-distance move.

But, some people opt for truck rental services when it comes to moving to a nearby place. Therefore, transport companies in India started truck-on-rent services. And, people who need the service want to know the approximate charges of truck rental. If you too want to know truck rental fees in India then read the blog.

What is the Cost of Truck Rental Services in India

When you rent a truck for goods transportation, you pay a rental fee to the transport company. This rental fees of truck rental charges in India vary according to various factors. Not two moves are alike. Hence, the moving cost can also not be the same. Now, you must be thinking the rental charges should be the same. Right? But, no! Truck rental rates also vary according to people’s requirements.

Charges of Truck Rental in India

While calculating truck rental rates in India, moving companies consider a lot of things. Here’s how transport companies estimate the truck rental charges in India: –

Type of transport

Logistics companies in India have a fleet of trucks and trailers. Many industries and business book their transport services to transport their commercial goods. So, these agencies have a fleet of vehicles. Here you will get the two models of trucks to choose from – open and enclosed trucks. When it comes to renting these trucks, there’s a slight difference in the rates. Enclosed trucks are a bit more expensive than open trucks. But, closed trucks provide safety to the goods. Hence, one should go for enclosed truck rentals.

Size of the truck

The size of the truck varies from small to medium to large. And, this is a primary factor that affects the rates of truck rental in India. The charges for tempo on rent starting at Rs. 25/km. Similarly, the cost of a medium-sized truck will start at Rs. 50/km with a base fare of Rs. 300. But, this is a tentative price. The actual price will vary according to other cost-affective factors. The size of the truck you will select is based on the volume of the goods.

Whether you need a truck on rent, Chhota Hathi on rent, or tempo on rent, you will get them all. With a wide range of transport vehicles, they assist you in transporting your goods. So, the size of the truck determines the truck rental cost.

Moving date and duration

When you need the service is also an important aspect to determine truck rental rates in India. Moving service fees influence their higher demands. If you need the service in a peak season, then the charges will be higher. Moving companies charges rent on per kilometer basis. But, in case you need the truck for a whole day or more, then the duration will also affect the rates. Hence, the moving season and time affect the price.

Value-added services

People moving with entire household goods not only do require a truck or tempo on rent but also need other services. If you want laborers to load and unload the goods, packing supplies, or move equipment, then you will pay extra fees. Moving during the rainy season, you will need extra protection for your belongings. Covering the truck with waterproof covers will increase the cost.

Truck Rental Charges Per Kilometer

Truck or tempo rental charges are based on per kilometer. The range starts from Rs. 25/km. Apart from this, you will have to pay the base fare of the truck which starts at Rs. 250. According to the size and model of the truck, the charges will be increased.

Truck rental companies in India also add fees on per min or hourly basis. During a local shift, they add Rs. 5/min to Rs. 10/min according to the size of the truck. Also, the above-discussed factors will affect the rates further. 

Final Words

To know the rate of truck rental in India, contact a transport company that provides trucks on rent. Search on the internet for truck rental services near me, and get a list of popular agencies. Get the estimates from them and hire the one that best suits your requirements.


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