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Everyone’s heard- ‘Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise’. but the modern man depends on bedside table clocks (alarm clocks) to help them wake up.

Alarms have been around for a lot longer than clocks and watches have been around for. People, over the centuries, have woken up to roosters, gongs, church bells, people knocking on the door and even to sunlight streaming in and falling on their faces (the perfect indication that morning’s here). Lately, though, we have gotten used to waking up to a stricter schedule, that could fall apart if we mess up even a minute of the organized day (okay, maybe not as dramatically, but even you will agree that we are more time bound than ever before).

Using bedside desk clocks can have to wake up at the crack of dawn can have a lot of impact on our sleep and ultimately our health. Listed below are some of the more major impact of using bedside small table clock.

Help set up biological clock

Sleeping at 11 and waking up at 5 can be difficult on the body, especially in the beginning. One issue that comes up is that you usually cannot go to sleep at 11 because your body and brain is not habitual to it. However, waking up so early in the morning makes you feel sleepy earlier on in the night- and after a while your body expects that it can wake up around the time that your alarm rings- saving you from being jarred awake. You can just as easily manipulate the way that your internal clock functions to stay up all night and sleep all day (the truest of true vampires- Vladimir!)

Sleep Inertia

Similar to how moving cars can jolt you when they stop abruptly, and you are thrown forward and then slammed back into the seat (because of inertia)- listening to a sudden, loud and jarring sound from digital table clocks can wake you up with a jolt. And then, you will be forced to deal with sleep inertia. And if you are confused about what happen when you are suffering from sleep inertia. Is it:-

  • You are more likely to be in a bad mood
  • It reduces physical and mental productivity
  • You may feel disoriented, weak or even confused.

And while most people only experience this for a couple of minutes after they wake up, sleep inertia, for some people and on some days, can last for hours as well!

And that’s because you never really know when you are going to wake up. Which sounds bizarre but it’s true since it’s hard for people to know which stage of sleep you are in. There are many stages to a good nights’ sleep and each one is different in how deep in sleep you actually are.

It is very easy to wake someone up if they have just fallen asleep- since that is the first stage of sleep. People have a very light sleep during the first stage so they can wake up even when only their name is being called (hello, Kartik?)

And within a few hours, you flow into deep sleep, the third stage. This is when your body repairers itself and if you are jarred from deep sleep (which loud bedside wooden table clock can definitely do) you will feel a lot more sleep inertia.

Did you sleep enough?

The answer is both yes and no. If you are someone who snoozes their antique table clock alarm to catch a few more minutes of sleep, chances are that you are going to feel sleep deprived when you finally wake up. There’s a reason to that- your bedside modern table clock rouses you from sleep and your body prepares to do what it does everyday. But, going back to sleep confuses the body and you do not wake up properly. This makes you feel like you have not slept enough even when you have slept for 7-8 hrs in the night.

What’s more, blue lights from modern wooden digital table clock alarms and phones can dupe your body into thinking that it’s daytime even when it’s night- essentially delaying sleep (as well as rem sleep)- which causes further problems.

Using a blaring bedside digital table clock is bound to make you feel disoriented, groggy and sleep deprived. However, training your internal and biological clock can wake you up naturally and help you sleep a lot better. However, having a simple table clock can help ease your night-time anxiety about being late as you will be able to see just what time it is. You can buy table clocks online that do not wake you up with a loud honk.

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