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ASC Software‘s future seems brighter now that their medical billing services have been outsourced, but many of their customers are still having problems. Listed below are a few examples by EMR-EHRS:


Changing Or Cancelling Appointments


Elective procedures cannot always be rescheduled due to financial constraints. Patients may have second thoughts about their visits and cancel them. ASC from EMR-EHRS must figure out what's causing the cancellations and take the appropriate actions to fix it.


Maintaining A Record Of Payer Contracts


Payer conditions, healthcare security, bundled fees, advanced medical treatment, and the Local Coverage Determination are all things that ASCs must keep an eye on (LCDs). Some suggestions from the American Association of Orthopedic Executives (AAOE) are as follows:

  • Keep track of any contract changes, as well as the dates on which they expire.
  • Consider a mix of commercial payer contracts, both direct and complementary.
  • Explain why payers would benefit from joining your network — stress the ASC Billing Software unique perks, clinical/treatment benefits, and out-of-network benefits
  • Recognize how payment periods operate.
  • Pay special attention to any contract language concerns.


Maintaining A Record Of Coding Changes


ASCs are required to track Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) and ICD-10 codes. In January 2018, the American Medical Association (AMA) released 170 new codes, revised 60 codes, and eliminated 82 codes. ASCs should recognise and apply annual adjustments. These new codes from electronic medical record software should be incorporated into their software system. The ICD-1 codes are also updated every October. Keeping track of code changes is something that medical coding companies can surely assist with. They can also assure that codes will be used to prevent submission errors.


Total Accumulation Days For Accounts Receivable (A/R)


The average time it takes for your ASC Software from EMR-EHRS to receive refunds is referred to as days in Accounts Receivable (A/R). The recommended number of days in A/R is between 30 and 40, but no more. As a result, the lower the amount, the quicker you will be compensated. Some of the most prevalent tasks that affect A/R days include:

  • Procedures are being organised.
  • Pre-registration system for patients.
  • Verification of insurance coverage.
  • Patients receive financial assistance.
  • Payment arrangements for patients are available.
  • Invoices from patients.


A Budget For Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Has Been Set Aside (Ppe)


The cost of medical supplies continues to grow as the pandemic spreads. As a result, ASC EMR will continue to pay more to have stock on hand and purchase new safety equipment.

  • Masks for the face (N95 masks).
  • Alcohol.
  • Gloves.
  • Glasses to protect your eyes.
  • The most common medical item in short supply is lab gowns.

ASCs will need to adjust their budgets to include these items without incurring a reimbursement rate increase.


Ascs Don't Seem To Be Getting Any Bigger


As a result of preventive measures such as social separation, PPE, or a lack of supplies, surgery centres are finding it increasingly difficult to meet daily production requirements. Furthermore, some patients do not have insurance or the financial resources to undergo elective surgery as a result of job loss. As ASCs grow, they may need to add more services, form relationships with employers, or accept different payment methods.


Providing You With The Best


Here at ASC Software, we understand that our clients expect and demand more performance from their software. That's why we only offer the greatest medical billing system and ehr, replete with features that will help your clinic realise its full potential and triple its revenue. How has the usage of physical therapist software benefited the efficiency of your practice and patient care? Please inform us at EMR-EHRS!



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