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How my Clients have WON NHS CONTRACTS 2022

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This talks how you can introduce yourself as an organization to get a stronger chance of winning a contract. As I always save the best for last it's important that you introduce yourself because you only get one shot at winning a contract for example although you can always go back again but you don't want to keep doing that you want to get it right the first time so please do ensure that you are able to listen and that you introduce yourself in an effective way. Some simple strategies on how you can, win that contract how you can introduce and pitch to organizations that will use your services you're looking at providing them with temporary permanent placement staff or you could possibly looking at providing aspects of training for example especially if you come from a healthcare background and you're a nurse, you could provide training to these organization and that is another aspect that you could provide to make you stand out from other recruiters so you're looking at long-term relationship how do you build a long-term relationship with other healthcare organizations you're not just there for the short term you're there for the long-term relationship because your business will continue to grow with that organization as they grow as well so always remember that you, you're not just there just to provide them with short-term staff you want to look at their long-term needs as presenting your organization so, some of the things you need to think about what is it that you're providing are you providing temporary or are you providing permanent staff placements will they be healthcare workers doctors social workers will they be healthcare assistant nurses what type of staff members will you be providing within your service.

You want to make sure that your presentation is about your company you can get this information from your company website you can build your company presentation your information pack from this what is included in your presentation pack is things like about  the services that you provide your home page how they can contact you who's on call your terms of business what are your prices what is your mission and vision statement to name a few there's also your aims and objectives but you know what will you put in this information pack this is very important because this is your company's DNA so now you've created your information pack from a word document you're now ready to look at presenting two organizations that you can approach.

You will need to create a database you will need to create a list of organizations that you're going to approach is it care homes, is it NHS hospitals, is it private hospital, who is it that you're going to be contacting that's what needs to be thought about as well and you want to look at what their needs are by looking at that home look at those that I’ve possibly got inadequate or needs improvement which is from the CQC website where you would build the database which you can watch another video that I’ve done previously about how to create a database so, who are you approaching so, when you call them you'll know what type of home that they are and that you can meet their needs by providing them with the staff members that are  able to deliver the service to service users so, think about all of these things before you start approaching a care home you don't want to just go in and call someone or try and get work from an organization when you don't even know about your own companies services that you're providing what your prices are what types what levels of service are you providing mild medium or high needs you have to think about all of these things before approaching organizations to work with because you need to go in there strong and at the same time you need to be communicating and listening to what their needs are within that home so now you created your list you've got your database you've got your presentation pack and your website is live for example you're now ready to go and do some visits and face-to-face visits care homes you created a list of who you're going to be visiting on that day and this is the face-to-face visits that I’m referring to you've also got your black document or whatever color that you want to get a leather document file to put your presentation into with your business cards you don't just want to knock on someone's door and you haven't got this information it's not good enough just to go with a business card and start talking or rambling you need to have a telephone script of what you're going to say whether it's a telephone script whether it's over the phone you would have that but you'd also have a script for when you're knocking on the door cold calling, it as if you do have the appointment with the face-to-face meeting so you always want to ensure that you when you've knocked on the door that you greet them with a smile and you will then look at whoever is that's come to the door see what the name is and call them by their first name let them know that I’ve come here to meet with the manager or whoever is the director that you've met with or the senior staff member for example the appointment has been met and that you're here to fill the vacancies that they have and you can even do that even with the cold calling. So now you’ve got into the door, you now want to greet the care manager and you give a good handshake and you smile, and you look at the name of the manager again and call them by their first name obviously then they will then take you to see it wherever it is in the office you would then start your presentation from that point you would give the care manager whoever it is that you've got the appointment with the presentation pack that you've created you would also in your black file, you would have your copy as well of the presentation and then you would talk around that basis of your presentation pack but you would also be asking the care manager do they have any questions is there something that they want to discuss with you so that you're listening to them and you listen you don't talk over them you, listen to what they are saying, you let them finish and then you'll repeat just say let me get that right so you're looking for six staff members healthcare workers or five nurses you’ve got the dates of when they're going to start then you start going into negotiations.  always compliment on the home say wow this place is beautiful oh it's so lovely it was quite liked how quiet it was and that people were smiling it's a lovely place then you want once you've had a seat and you sit down you pull out your presentation file from your black leather case and then you would hand that to the manager of the care home that you were talking to so, while said they're looking at that you're also talking about your company and your services and what you actually offer so that's important as well so, you'll be talking about your services the staff members that you have and how you can meet their needs but also at the same time you'll be asking them questions because they're going to have some questions that they want to have answered so you would say to them do you have any questions about what I've discussed with you today does this meet your needs and let them answer so that you're listening and you're looking out for any objections that may possibly come your way  once you've gone through your presentation about what it is that you offer your services then you would be then talking about the terms of business and what staff members that they need that they're short of and that you can help them to meet that need is this a long-term need then you're looking at permanent placement is this short-term then it's temporary play placement but it could also be with a view to place permanently so you could be looking at the long-term relationship because that is what any business owner really wants for a client is to have a long-term relationship not just this short-term relationship

Once you've spoken with the client the care manager, they're very happy with your discussion and they want to do business with you time to go now then you would obviously say thank you I am so grateful that I got to meet you, it's been a pleasure I am looking forward to doing business with you and again handshake look them in the eye and mention their first name give them a handshake and say I will get back to you today. I’ll send you the details over and you sign the terms of business or maybe they need to sign the terms of business with someone else but let them know you will reach out to them today and that you will get back and just follow up on what was discussed and what services you're able to provide for them and also, you've negotiated with them at that point because maybe they may need to speak with the director  about your prices so this is really good news once you're there in front of someone that means majority of the time you've got the sale because they wouldn't have you in front of them so just bear that in mind so thank them for their time and then you shake the hand like I said and then you just walk out the door with a smile on your face so that's how you do a face to face interview. you're going to be discussing your presentation so you will have your presentation whilst you're on the phone and you'll be going through your presentation with the care manager that you've booked this appointment with over the phone you're going to talk to them about your services and what staff members that you have got available and find out from them what their needs are talk to them about what their needs are you know for us to work with you what would you like us to be able to provide you with to meet your needs so always talk and listen to what the care manager is saying don't interrupt them don't talk over them do not try and lead them because they will not want to be pushed in any way you must be delicate but at the same time friendly but also, professional and listen, good listening skills communication skills are what's needed if you are lacking communication skills and listening skills then you will need because it is important that you're able to listen because that's how you get the sales because you will pick up on things that they are lacking and then you can look at helping them with that need as well so you'll go through your presentation so that the organization understands what it is that you do and just let them know that you are going to be doing a presentation you'll be talking to them from the presentation that you've already sent to them ahead of time so they know what this meeting is about and that they know that you want to close them that you want to provide services to them by providing them with healthcare staff doctors nurses for example so that's how you do a telephone presentation of introducing yourself as an organization so you've spoken with the client you've arranged a meeting online and this is via zoom excellent so now what you're going to do is you will have your presentation open on your screen of what you've already sent to them and then you of your information pack that is you'll then be doing a presentation about what it is that you're offering you're basically going uh talking about your website you're going to do a presentation PowerPoint about your services about us and your prices and what types of staff members that you have whether it's permanent or temporary placement what are your prices your terms of business but also talk in that presentation have a section about what their questions are what are their current needs at the moment so that you're able to meet and match with what it is that they're looking for from a healthcare organization now I always say to people don't just say I provide nurses support workers doctors, try and look at every aspect of what a care home needs. Cleaners’ chefs, kitchen assistants, there's lots of other jobs that are needed in that care home as well so, I hope that you found that very helpful so far.

Once you've gone through your presentation with the organization the care manager you want to thank them for their time for taking out you know of their busy day for spending that with you but at the same time, you're also looking at and appreciating that you're able to help and this will benefit the care manager as well always ask them if they've got any final questions before the meeting ends then you're looking at getting the terms of business signed because you don't want to be sending any staff members in to the care home for example or NHS hospital without assigned time terms of business so that that's very important as well.

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