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Home care is a professional service designed to meet the needs and requirements of the elderly who cannot carry out normal daily activities independently and live in situations of social isolation. The home assistance is managed by the Social active service 24/24 with highly qualified professionals who are periodically trained to offer a quality service. The planned activities include those:

  • Personal care and hygiene;
  • Support of individual autonomy;
  • Help with walking;
  • Help with house cleaning and laundry activities;
  • Help with shopping and preparing meals;
  • Communication support;
  • Supervision of the therapeutic care plan;
  • Accompaniment to medical examinations and formalities.

Why choose home care?

  • Patient caretaker take care the individual that can be tailored to meet their specific preferences and needs;
  • The elderly can remain in the comfort of their own home, avoiding additional sources of stress;
  • the elderly person, together with the family, has the opportunity to choose the person who will provide assistance and to receive care from the assistant most suitable for him from a psychological or character point of view;
  • favors social integration through the care of social and affective relationships;

Who can benefit from home care services?

A large number of clients may benefit from home care for a multitude of reasons. This service can be for the elderly, the disabled, and the sick. On the other hand, the objective is to support everyday actions to ensure that they are carried out properly and with complete hygiene while maintaining the autonomy of the person being cared for as much as possible.

Thus, patients will have the essential care at home. Home help is also provided to people with chronic or neurodegenerative diseases or conditions. It can be Alzheimer's, Lewy body disease, Parkinson's, heart disease, COPD, cancer, or diabetes, etc.

The advantages of staying at home

By choosing home maintenance, the elderly can maintain their independence. Research shows it's an important factor in long-term physical and mental health. Home support helps seniors maintain their dignity. A Patient caretaker has the necessary skills to support them in carrying out these tasks while taking the greatest care to respect the privacy of the person to be helped.

Home care services can be personalized. Clients and families can expect their unique needs to be met, with the help being different for each pathology or even the person's age in a situation of loss of autonomy. Home help can intervene at any time of the day and night (daycare and night care) for temporary needs such as discharge from the hospital or permanent conditions, for example in the context of a long-term illness. It's reliable support that inspires confidence.

Staying at home reduces the family's worry and brings important peace of mind. On the other hand, as families may be far from their elderly relatives, a home helper can inform them of the state of health of the person being cared for. Taking health services like nanny care at home, home hospital care etc is the best solution for you and your loved ones.


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