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It’s peculiar. The feeling of wanting to say so much, yet only a murmur seems to exit your mouth. The feeling of wanting to swallow your food, yet your emotions clog up your throat, making it hard to breathe. The feeling of grief. It is peculiar.

The clutter gets overwhelming, and the collection of memories is now lodged, preventing you from consuming anything that helps you flourish.

How does one free themselves from the various stages of grief?

The answer is through expression and venting.

Sometimes mere words aren’t enough to let those emotions flow. The heart needs a medium, a platform to vent the weight it carries.

Among rhymes and riddles,

You sow your seed…

Playing coy with your heart,

You find the joy you need,

You sit and wait to sprout your olive tree,

A sprinkle of love and poetry…

Let’s discuss how poetry is the rawest form of expression while channeling grief.

Matters of the soul

Some things in life don’t need to be literal to resonate. We crave wonder, we crave adventure, and we crave a book that gets deeper and deeper the more you read it—like an onion peeling away its layers to get to the core. 

Poetry is efficient in the baggage it carries and what it delivers.

Without writing paragraphs worth of text venting out the various ways, you want to express your anger or grief… it only takes two verses to encapsulate all of them.

Poetry squeezes out your creative juices, helping you discover yourself in a completely new way. For centuries we have seen famous poets express great pain, tragedy, and affection etc., through poetry. The likes of William Shakespeare, Maya Angelou, and Emily Dickinson are some glowing examples of expressive poets through the ages.

Each poet possesses their trademark flavor, a special language by which they communicate matters of the heart to their readers and listeners.

Whether they are sonnets, epics, or free verses, the language may be different, but the purpose is the same, to be heard and acknowledged.

Another addition among those poets is a woman who has etched through her tears a book set to be a shoulder to cry on for people going through great grief and turmoil.

With her book Twentyone Olive Trees, Laura Formentini gives her readers hope to latch on to her prose and poetry that was written when she had been grieving the loss of her soulmate, Blaise.

All you need is twentyone

With feet as such, you walk on the barren turf,

The storm passed,

The moments you once loved, in the past…

Step by step, the clutter clogs,

You pick up the pen and etch your thoughts…

Eyes on the paper, your tears the ink,

Take heart, with every beat, with every blink…

Among tales of fantasy, you write your lore…

You’ll sprout your peace like never before…

And in time, when all is said and done…

You don’t need all the trees in the world,

All you need are twentyone…

Click on the link to buy her book now.


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