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How Rebars Are To Be Stored At Work Sites

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Rebar is one of the most prominent inclusions made in order to strengthen the concrete and bring in the required stability. With the stress-distributing and tension-absorbing quality of the Rebars, the concrete is shielded against cracking.

As rebars make it to several construction sites with different surroundings and conditions, it is crucial to store and handle them in a particular way – else the chances of rusting gather speed. Also, it is highly advised to get rebars from reputed and high-quality steel suppliers in UAE to ascertain that the concrete is supported in the most ideal manner.

How to handle and store Rebars?

  • Protection Through Covering

Cinder blocks can be used to cover the edges of the rebars while the thick tarp can cover the body – such protection is necessary to restrict the rebar’s exposure to surroundings.

  • Putting on Wooden Pallets

It’s a good practice to put the rebars on a raised non-metallic surface, like the wooden pallets, to ensure minimum contact and exposure. It’s not advisable to place the rebars on the ground due to the moisture present which can rust the rebar.

  • No Wood Surface for Galvanized Rebars

If galvanized rebars are to be managed on the construction site, make sure they are placed on any raised and non-metallic surface other than wood. Additionally, the uncoated rebars must be placed considerably far from the galvanized ones.

  • Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel Don’t Go Well Together

The stainless steel rebars are to be placed in such a manner that they don’t come in contact with the carbon steel rebars. If this seems unachievable, make sure that the stainless steel rebar stays atop the other kind of rebar.

  • Provide Adequate Support

To prevent the bending of rebars, providing enough support while stacking them remains important. If possible, use special steel racks for better stacking.

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