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These types of boxes are usually made from kraft and high quality rigid boxes. The rigidity of such boxes depends entirely on the thickness of the cardboard or kraft sheets. Retailers or product manufacturers can choose the thickness of the panels to make these boxes ideal for their in-store products.

Brand Identification

The use of rigid boxes does not limit their use for the storage of goods. They also wildly identify the brand name. The market is moving at a rapid pace these days. That's why you need something to support your brand. Rigid packaging boxes help identify the name or brand in the market, effectively distinguishing it from other brands.

In today's competitive market, you have to have a reputation for being something innovative and different from the rest. In-store product packaging with the company logo, name, or the company's distinctive color scheme helps consumers recognize its products as they stand between competitors' products in stores.

Customer’s Attraction

Today, the first thing that catches the attention of customers is the way the product is presented to them. An attractive dress may not attract customers' attention if it is in a tote bag or an ordinary box. However, if it is packed in a nice rigid box with a spectacular design, it will surely be attractive at first sight.

Simple and decent packaging adds value to the product and attracts more customers than any other type of packaging. No need for confusing design or graphics, these boxes are just perfect and worth more than packaging with rich graphics.

Product Safety

Apart from other advantages of rigid packaging boxes, they play an important role in product safety during shipping. Once made, the garments go through many stations and hands before reaching the customer. The fabric is fragile and delicate compared to the material of other products, such as makeup items, shoes, sporting goods, shoes, merchandise, etc. The clothing market is one of the most important needs of people that certainly cannot be put aside. Suddenly, several brands and names have appeared where it becomes quite difficult to maintain durability in the market. Today, the market has fully understood the importance of packaging.

Clothing store owners can use customized rigid boxes as per their clothing requirements and the demand of their esteemed customers. This minimizes the risk of damaging the goods before they reach their destination. These boxes effectively protect clothes from moisture, dust and many other factors. In addition, when packing, the risk of tearing of clothes or discoloration is also minimized, if not eliminated at some point.

Promotion of Products for Companies

It should be noted that rigid packaging in clothing is not limited to packaging. It also helps in effectively promoting the brand and its products. In addition, they give the product a luxurious look. According to a statistical report, about 74% of customers are likely to buy again if the product is wrapped in luxury-looking packaging.

Moreover, the same percentage of 18-25 year olds tend to share product packaging photos on various social media platforms, which is indeed effective for brand promotion. So, with minimal packaging hassles, you can get a promotion without asking. The price factor is there, but the way it advertises can definitely overcome the cost by buying rigid boxes in bulk at wholesale prices.

Customer Satisfaction

Nowadays, the main objective of any business is to satisfy the needs of the customers and to ensure that their needs are met under one roof. The variety of services available under one roof makes it easier for customers and helps attract more customers. The use of rigid packaging boxes not only provides the customer with a durable packaging option, but also helps in sending gifts in such boxes when packaging pays off. This means that unique and attractive rigid packaging is totally preferred over flexible boxes.


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