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With Covid-19, nobody is safe until most are safe. The world is still facing one of the most difficult times ever faced in centuries and starting to accept the fact that the new norm is to learn to live with Covid-19.

Started in Wuhan in China in mid-2019, the Covid-19 spread to the world in early 2020 and created a pandemic situation. People had to be isolated, quarantined, wear masks, and practice proper health and hygiene habits, and keeping a distance from even their own family and loved ones. World travel and tourism came to a halt and countries locked down and imposed strict restrictions on traveling.

With the dawn of the year 2021 and the introduction of the vaccine for the virus, countries are slowly opening their doors to the world again.

Although nobody is sure of what will happen in another week or month or so, one thing that is sure is that we won’t be able to travel as freely as we used to.

Sri Lankan tourism authorities have been pushing to reopen the country to tourism, a key sector in the country’s economy, but the process has been repeatedly delayed in the absence of a go-ahead from health officials.

Following a nine-month-long travel ban imposed due to the pandemic, Sri Lanka reopened its borders to international visitors on December 28, following the same protocol as the world, considering the safety of the citizens and of the tourists equally.

Therefore, Sri Lanka had its first visitors, a group of Ukrainians as a pilot project before the country opens fully for commercial travelers.

Some of the safety measurements imposed currently for the safety of travelers visiting Sri Lanka are as follows:

Bio Bubble: The visitors are traveling under a bio-bubble with limited contact with the area people to avoid Covid-19 infections. Stringent measures were being taken to stop the tourists from coming into contact with the resident community. Therefore, the traditional modes of transportation will be curtailed. There will be special means of transportation that will be arranged for the tourists.

Negative Covid-19 report: To ensure the safety of all parties involved, tourists must produce a negative Covid-19 report taken 72 hours before arrival. They will also get to take a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test at the hotel upon check-in, and another PCR test five to 6 days later if they're staying for over a week.

Accommodation: Tourists will also be required to stay in one resort for one week before being allowed to move to another resort or hotel if their stay extends beyond that period. They will be allowed to move around in restricted areas that have been cleared by the authorities and will have to stay in hotels cleared by the authorities as well.

Swift and strict action will be followed by the health authorities in treating the Covid-19 patients: Another advantage for the visitors is the prompt action taken to include the infected Covid-19 patients in the medical care system asap and to provide the necessary care.

Sri Lanka came under attack of an extreme terrorist attack when a couple of churches and five-star hotels were bombed on Easter Sunday in 2019. However, one year later, the military has ensured the safety of the country once again and the travel bans were lifted. Sri Lanka is currently cleared from security threats and is considered a safe country to travel to.

The tropical paradise, Sri Lanka offers its visitors, unmatched hospitality as well as a natural wonder of the country. From golden sandy beaches, which surrounds the island, the natural wildlife and centuries-old traditions and a rich history that is preserved for the future, Sri Lanka holidays would be a perfect choice for anybody who wishes to unwind and enjoy some quiet tranquil time, especially after so much trauma with the pandemic. The hospitality of the Sri Lankan people is one unmatched experience that would be a welcome relaxation.

So, when tourists plan their Family tours in Sri Lanka, they can rest assured of the safety to the maximum level. However, it is a chance that people have to take when consenting and planning your travel during these troubled times.


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