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How Should a Marketing Agency do a Thorough SEO Analysis

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One of the most important parts of a collaboration between a business and an agency is the SEO analysis process. Without it, the agency can’t provide top-quality services, and the clients can’t get the best possible benefits from SEO.

In this article, you will find out why is this process so important for both the agency as well as its clients. You will also discover how a top-quality technical SEO audit should look like.

What Are the Goals of a Proper SEO Analysis Process?

The first thing you should know and understand about the SEO analysis process that an agency provides is its goals. Without knowing them, you won’t be able to deeply understand the role of this process in the SEO strategy.

There are 2 types of goals that you need to remember. The first type represents the purposes for which eh agencies use this type of service. And the second is the advantages that you can directly get from the analysis process.

How will the analysis process help the SEO agency?

It is a mandatory method that any SEO agency must use to find out essential information about their clients’ websites. And this information can be used to personalize and provide much better services for its clients.

Many agencies also use this method to showcase their capabilities to clients. And this will allow them to gain the trust needed for a long-term collaboration. The reports given to clients will present the work done by the agency and reveal some of its skills.

What benefits can you directly get from the analysis process?

You, as the client of the agency, will also benefit from this type of service. You will learn more about SEO and understand the current state of your site. And gaining a proper understanding of both SEO and your website will help you have a better collaboration in the future.

You will also find out the best solutions for your site’s SEO problems. Most agencies provide a customized SEO plan together with the technical SEO audit reports of the analysis. Some of them can be implemented by you, while others will require a collaboration with the agency.

The First Step of a Top-Quality SEO Analysis Must Be Business Assessment

The first part of the SEO analysis  process researches the business of the client. The better an agency understands your company, the better it can personalize its services based on the needs of your business. So, this type of research is mandatory.

The agency checks the industry of your company, the uniqueness of your company, the competitive advantages, and disadvantages, and even past SEO made to your website. All of which will reveal information used to provide better services.

The goal is to get familiar with your business and find out the SEO state of your website as clearly as possible. Although this is only the first step. A concrete image will be produced after all the steps are followed.

Keywords and Competitor Research Are the Next Steps of the Analysis Process


In this step, the agency will research all the keywords relevant to your industry. Moreover, it will also check the competition that each keyword has. It is an important step that will set the future direction of the SEO efforts. You should always make sure that an agency includes it in its analysis process.

The main goal of this step is to find the keywords that your company currently ranks for as well as the ones that fit the state of your business the most. You want to use the keywords that have the highest potential but that you can also reach.

Keep in mind that the top keywords are not always the best for a business. If the competition is too strong, then your business may not be able to overcome it. Or you may not be willing to spend the required sum to achieve that goal. And it may not even be worth it to do so.

A Technical SEO Audit Is Indispensable for Any Business

The next part of the SEO analysis process has the goal of checking the functionality of your website. The first thing you need to know about SEO and search engine is the fact that their goal is to satisfy the users and visitors. And the technical SEO audit was made to help your site achieve this goal. 

The functionality of your website has a direct impact on the satisfaction of the visitors. As a result, it is one of the main components that will affect the ranks of your site in search result pages. So, your site must function perfectly.

A technical audit has the goal of finding all the possible problems that may affect the functionality of your site. If you ever find an agency that does not provide this type of service, you should immediately look for another one.

The Technical SEO Audit Should Contain the Solutions for All the Problems Found

In many cases, an agency also provides the solutions for all the problems found in the technical SEO audit. You can also use the solutions yourself and solve the problems alone. Otherwise, you will need to give direct access to your website and let the agency solve them for you.

By doing this, an agency can attract more clients. In many cases, the solutions provided also include a long-term collaboration plan that will promise the best possible results for your business. This is a method used by agencies to convince their potential clients. And it is also beneficial to you as you will have a clear image of what a future collaboration would look like.

Now that you know the importance of the analysis process, you should be able to make use of this information to find a reliable agency and maximize the benefits that you will get from it. Of course, you should also check the reliability of the company and the results it produced in the past.



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