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Tuning forks have been established over the years as an important tool for healing. These forks have gained prominence in the sound healing field because of their durability. If a fork is designed to reproduce sound at a certain frequency, it will be resonating even if you drop it or dent it. The sound that the tuning forks generate is pure and rich in harmonics and overtones. Practitioners play tuning forks for sound healing frequencies by striking them together or simply hitting on their kneecaps to create a pleasant sound. Few people prefer other methods of playing them, because striking the forks together releases high-pitched overtones and ringing.

In this article, we will know about the different forms of tuning forks and the sounds produced by them.

Different forms of tuning forks

The sound healing process has developed over the years. This sound includes specific frequencies for brain waves, the planets, and the organs. Having a specific tuning fork to match these frequencies allows quick access to these sounds. The best part of the tuning forks is they are small and portable. It can be played near the desired candidate’s ears or any part of the body. The weighted tuning forks will send a physical vibration into the body and can be placed on any part of the body to release tension and make balance.

The Solar harmonic series

Solar Harmonics is based on the mathematical ratios documented by Pythagoras and is also referred to as Pythagorean tuning forks. These ratios help to create deep relaxation and allow your mind to travel into a place of serenity and silence. It is that place where healing takes place. Pythagorean tuning is based on the intervals and harmonics found in nature. This set of the tuning fork is recommended for anyone and everyone for holistic health. Tuning forks help bring us back to the balance with nature, much like being physically in nature or listening to waves at the beach will have the same effect.

Schumann Resonance

7.83HZ is our own planet's magnetic frequency. This frequency is known as Schumann Frequency. It is the naturally occurring, circulating frequency of the Earth’s pulse between the planet’s surface and the ionosphere. The planet’s own magnetic frequency enhances memory, rejuvenates the body, balances, improves stress tolerance, controls, and grounding. In short, we are turning ourselves into the sound of our planet.

The fifth interval

Each interval has a unique effect on the body and brain. The C 256 fork is played with another tone to make the desired interval. One of the most important intervals is the fifth interval, accessed by striking C 256 Hz and G 384 Hz together. This frequency is used to balance the nervous system. Whenever a person is distressed the fifth interval helps to calm the nerves.

To conclude

Tuning forks for sound healing frequencies is a great therapy for anyone who's trying to control their mind. The different kinds of sounds produced by the forks heal our bodies and mind. The sounds produced by the forks include frequencies that occur naturally and blend our minds to those sounds. If you are looking to calm your mind and align your chakras then undoubtedly contact Hawai Healing Sound School and book your sessions with them.



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