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How Standing Wheelchairs Improve The Lives Of People With Disabilities

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Wheelchair users spend most of their time in the seated position. Unfortunately, sitting for prolonged hours can negatively impact the body, resulting in muscle tightness, pressure sores, and other health issues. A standing wheelchair, Leo II standing wheelchair, for instance, can be an effective solution for people with disabilities to manage the change of position safely and comfortably. The mobility equipment, tailored precisely to an individual’s medical condition or disability, is ergonomically-friendly and smoothly changes positions from sitting to standing, improving the user’s health and lifestyle.

Let’s look at the benefits of using standing wheelchairs:

Improve bone density

Bones become fragile and prone to developing the risk of bone deformities and diseases, such as osteoporosis, when a person sits or lays down for extended hours. Despite taking calcium and vitamin D supplements, wheelchair users remain at risk of weakening bones because physical activities are crucial for bone health. Standing aids, such as standing wheelchairs, are beneficial in improving bone density as standing or bearing the body weight are considered physical activities after mobility loss in the lower limbs.

Enhance blood flow

Movements keep the blood circulating throughout the body. Spending extended hours in a sitting position decrease the circulation in the lower part of the body, increasing the risk of thrombosis, which occurs when blood clots block blood vessels. Switching positions from sitting to standing to laying down after a couple of hours improves blood flow in the whole body.

Make transfers easy

Transferring someone from a wheelchair to a couch or bed sometimes becomes challenging for caregivers since lifting someone requires physical strength. Standing wheelchairs make transfers easy and safe for both wheelchair users and caregivers. High-quality standing wheelchairs, such as Leo II standing wheelchairs, have safety features like an H-shape harness, ankle strap, thigh strap, and more, which eliminate the fear of falling in wheelchair users when standing.

Prevent pressure ulcers

Constant pressure on the skin can cause pressure sores. Although most wheelchairs have seat cushions to ensure users sit comfortably for long periods, pressure relief is crucial to prevent tissue or skin injuries. Using standing wheelchairs allows people with disabilities to change their posture when needed and maintain good standing balance without assistance.

Promote self-esteem and confidence

Switching positions from sitting to standing to accomplish small tasks, like reaching for objects on higher shelves, promotes independence in wheelchair users. It also allows people with disabilities to interact with others at the same eye level, eliminating the barrier due to the height difference. Doing regular chores and engaging in social activities make people more confident, reducing the chances of developing depression or feeling isolated.

If you or someone you love are a wheelchair user and want to improve your health and lifestyle, explore the selection of standing wheelchairs, including Leo II, the world’s lightest standing wheelchair, at Living Spinal.

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