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How Survey Companies in Red Deer Assist With Real Property Reports?

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If you live in Red Deer and need to develop a property on your land, there is a list of regulations one needs to adhere to.

These city council and municipal regulations and compliances are to be met by every individual, keeping in mind the city’s urban planning goals.

So, how should you go about it?

This is where a real property report (RPR) comes in handy. A real property report is an integral part of any real estate transaction that takes place by the parties involved. In order to obtain the same, contacting the survey companies in Red Deer is the best move.

Let us understand how to reach out to a survey company in Red Deer, and what’s to be taken care of when getting a real property report.

What is a Real Property Report?
A Real Property Report (RPR) is a complete survey report of the property prepared by a survey company for your property. It includes the location and dimension of any permanent structures and is usually produced by the seller of the property to the purchaser.

Municipalities tend to have specific by-law requirements for permanent structures, and it is reviewed by them before it is handed over to the buyer of the property.

When is a Real Property Report Required?
A Real Property Report is required for a variety of reasons. These are some of the situations one might need a real property report in:

1. While building a new structure on the property

2. Need to be aware of any encroachments on the current property

3. While buying a new house

4. While selling a new house

5. Settling any disputes around property lines with neighbours or the city administration

Applying for Real Property Report can be done by survey companies in Red Deer. Moreover, when applying and submitting a real property report to the municipality, make sure you receive a “Stamp of Compliance” from the municipal organisation.

This protects the buyer of the property from any legal implications.

Implications of Not Having a Real Property Report
Instead of pushing the preparation of a real property report, it is recommended to get it done at the soonest for a property. Having a real property report has its own benefits. However, here are some of the implications of not having a real property report handy:

1. Not having an RPR during the sale of a property, can increase the purchasing power of a buyer, in case something comes up

2. RPR acts as a document that legally safeguards the buyer as well as the seller from any disputes in the future.

Conclusion: Getting a Real Property Report in Red Deer
Acquiring a real property report for your property or land is essential for its future. Receiving the same from an organization not only creates a sense of trust but eventually increases its value in the real estate market too.

However, when it comes to getting a real property report, consulting a professional land survey team can come in handy too.

Core Geomatics conducts property surveys and land surveys, providing a final report to its clients. They can also assist in receiving a compliance certificate when it comes to the final real property report for a property. With their years of experience and expertise, Core Geomatics enable clients to get their land survey done and curate an RPR accordingly.

Learn more about their projects and work by visiting their website on coregeomatics.com

For more information about Calgary Real Estate Market Reports and Residential Land Surveyors Calgary Please visit: CORE Geomatics.


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