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How Technology makes students confident and the learning process a fun one

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Given that the 21st Century is the era of the internet, technology has pervaded through almost every part of an individual’s life. In Education too, it has played a significant role over the past two decades.

Technology in education takes the form of Smart board class rooms, PPT presentations as projects and reference materials sent in as PDFs. Almost every school in the urban areas are equipped with a computer lab. Well to do schools near Yelahanka have projectors and screen at least in one of their class rooms. The advantages technology provides to the learner and a teacher has led to a significant increase in public and private expenditure to inculcate technology in to the learning process over the years.

Technology provides the learner with a more pro-active role than in a typical classroom. The teacher no longer remains the centre of attraction and the information provided takes the lead. The student no longer remains a mute spectator who listens to a teacher giving long lectures. They get a chance to present, demonstrate and learn so in the process. ICSE schools in Kanakapura Road

It is also in the capacity of the teacher to ensure that the information is sent across in an effective manner. A teacher with good tech-skills could look at better ways to present the same information using his/her computer skills. It would be easier for a learner to grasp the concept of Bernoulli’s theorem and that of water flow if they saw a three-dimensional diagram of the pipe. Technology thus broadens this spectrum of how information can be broadcasted.

Teachers also mention of increased self-esteem of students when they use technology. And when a student is confident, it helps them learn better. The immediate rewards provided by automatic grading in computers serves as a quick incentive for students and motivates them to do more. Teachers say students are keen on mastering their technical skills and that technology makes the schooling process one that students look forward to. CBSE schools in hebbal



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