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There are few accessories more universal than the wristwatch. They are worn by men and women from virtually every country and culture across the globe. Watches are so common today, but this is a relatively recent phenomenon. Not much more than a century ago, wristwatches were considered a rarity and had a very different place in society. Still, today’s chic gold watches for women, robust sport watches for men, and countless other styles only exist because of the fascinating history of timepieces that preceded them. Here’s what makes today’s watches such a modern marvel.

Timepieces in Ancient Times

Humans began building devices to keep time well over 3000 years ago, at least. The first examples we know of are shadow clocks, a type of sundial created by the ancient Egyptians and Babylonians around 1500 BCE. They were pieces of parchment or other flat surfaces divided into sections that represented hours. Time was measured by tracking the sun’s light and shadow moving from hour section to hour section on the sundial’s surface. With that said, people were likely telling time with shadows well before that. Some scholars believe that the great obelisks were actually huge sundials.

Pocket Watches—The Accessory of Royalty

Even with the emergence of mechanical clocks and pocket watches in the 1400s and 1500s, the classy women’s watches and striking mens black watches we know today were still a long way off. For hundreds of years, the pocket watch was the sole option for a personal, portable timepiece. That only changed in 1810 when the first known wristwatch was invented by Swiss innovator Abraham-Louis Breguet and gifted to the Queen of Naples. They were further popularized in the Victorian era by none other than Queen Victoria herself. As a result, watches were widely considered a women’s accessory until the mid-1910s.

WWI and Waterproof Wristwatches

Today’s era of watches as a stylish and practical accessory worn by people of every background really began with WWI. Soldiers would be put in great danger if they had to reach into their pocket every moment they needed to check the time. There were even wristwatches that used the radioactive glow of radium to illuminate the time in trenches or bunkers. Shortly after, waterproof technology was introduced for even more practical durability. In 1927, a young British woman, Mercedes Gleitze, helped introduce waterproof watches with a splash when she swam across the English Channel while wearing a watch. After 10 hours in the water, it continued to work flawlessly. When watches continued working after hours under water, watchmakers drew attention to their display windows by showcasing waterproof watches submerged in full fishbowls.

Today’s Watches—The Modern Marvel

Whether you’re looking for a classy silver watch for men or a women’s dress watch, you can find a wide selection to choose from. You can express your vintage flare with a nostalgic retro digital watch or go bold with a hyper-colorful wristwatch in all the colors of the rainbow. Whatever style matches your personality, it’s worth appreciating the intriguing history of these modern marvels. It only makes selecting your perfect timepiece that much more fun.

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