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Palestinian footballers and Gaza people slam Israel’s 15-year-long blockade that has limited independence of movement. Palestinian footballer Fadi Jaber was thrilled when Qatar won the bid to host the Qatar Football World Cup. A 32-year-old expert footballer at a local club in the beleaguered Gaza Strip, Jaber ongoing his sports vocation at an early age before going on to become a member of the Palestinian national squad.

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How the Qatar Football World Cup will highlight Israel’s blockade of Gaza
How the Qatar Football World Cup will highlight Israel’s blockade of Gaza

It was a great moment, the first time an Arab country will host the Football World Cup, Fadi told Al Jazeera. At that time, my associate footballers and I were delighted. We were hoping we’d be there and attend the FIFA World Cup or even be able to take part in it. Then Jaber and his colleagues knew it would be tricky, not as of the football but the constraints Israel has placed on touring.

Israel’s 15-year-old barrier which impedes the right to travel easily for Palestinians in the Gaza Strip has made the concept of going anywhere unachievable. Imposed in 2007, Israel’s blockade has been a huge hurdle for more than two million Gazans to cope with strict limits on their movement, with human rights organizations portraying the destitute enclave as the largest open-air prison in the world.

People in Gaza have a hard time travelling around, whether through the Rafah traversing run by Egypt or the Erez crossroads run by Israel. Fadi added. Erez is the Israeli name for the crossing or else known as Beit Hanoun to Palestinians. Travelling to attend the Football World Cup is a luxury here. People in Gaza think of travelling as a little for an urgent need and it’s not as normal as in other countries.

How the Qatar Football World Cup will highlight Israel’s blockade of Gaza
How the Qatar Football World Cup will highlight Israel’s blockade of Gaza

The Qatar Football World Cup will kick off on November 20. As the first Football World Cup to be hosted in the Middle East, it has become an excitedly awaited event for most Arabs in the region, involving those in Gaza. Israel’s limitations on travel movement from Gaza also cast a shadow over the world of sports, with footballers who face problems in moving between the inhabited West Bank and Gaza while also wanting to travel out of Gaza to take part in football World Cup tournaments. Due to the barrier, Jaber and his national squad colleagues have been unable to join in local, regional, and continental championships.

“As a footballer in the Palestinian national side, I cannot go to the West Bank to attend the local and Arab tournaments,” Jaber told.

My colleague players and I always lament the lost prospects that could have altered our lives as footballers. The Palestinian footballers from Gaza are persecuted. We are part of the Palestinian people, and we are exposed to the limits that Israel imposes against us. Though FIFA, football’s world ruling body, has always worried that a safe atmosphere must be provided for its international followers and players to move and travel, Palestinians say this was not the case for their national squad. Jaber believes FIFA has not made sufficient effort to support the Palestinian footballers from Gaza to ease their careers and travel to Qatar for the Football World Cup.

“Israel does not conform with any human rights or international organizations, as well as FIFA,” he stated.

Global disrespect

Alaa Attia, a 32-year-old footballer, said to Al Jazeera that there is a worldwide contempt for the situation of Palestinian football players and followers from the Gaza Strip. Israeli footballers can certainly travel all over the world. They have definite freedom of travel, but the Palestinian players are destitute.

How the Qatar Football World Cup will highlight Israel’s blockade of Gaza
How the Qatar Football World Cup will highlight Israel’s blockade of Gaza

Last June, Israel’s Foreign Minister Yair Lapid, Defence Minister Benny Gantz, and Sports Minister Chili Tropper said that Israelis will be able to attend the Football World Cup games in Qatar. The ministers told the agreement came after months of discussions with FIFA, stating it would open a new door to a country with which Israel does not presently have formal diplomatic affairs.

“It is unhappy that we are refused the easy travel to an Arab country, while those who’re dominating our lands are permitted that chance freely,” Attia told.

As footballers, we don’t mix up politics with sports, but then the matter is unique for the Palestinian players. What is our mistake that we cannot attend the Football World Cup in Qatar? We hope this issue will be examined and assisted the people in Gaza with their right to travel movement. Attia agreed with Jaber that FIFA has exerted pressure on Israel more than once but then to no avail. He added that the governing body did not make sufficient effort to force Israel to allow Palestinians to travel easily.

I do not know why FIFA ignores the right of Palestinian players from Gaza to travel and join in international tournaments. Why does it disregard our request to enable travel to Qatar? This is unreasonable and contrary to the principles that FIFA asserts to have. It is a tricky feeling to see the entire world heading to the Football World Cup in Qatar, and because of the constraints imposed on us in Gaza, we find ourselves robbed of this prospect. Though, they narrowly missed out on a place in the winner stage. Worldwide Tickets and Hospitality offers Football World Cup tickets for the Qatar Football World Cup at the best prices. Football fanatics and buy Football World Cup Tickets at exclusively discounted prices.

Fortunate exception

As a desirable exception, Ahmed Owais, 60, a left school principal, plans to travel to Qatar for the Football World Cup. I sure I will go for Qatar Football World Cup the moment it won the bid in 2010, Owais told Al Jazeera. I had never felt before of attending the FIFA World Cup in other countries and I was more confident that I would be withdrawn and without work commitments.

Owais speaks he wants to travel to Qatar as it is an Arab country that has a strong international, worldwide, and sports presence, and supports the Palestinian reason. Joining the Football World Cup is indeed a luxury, but the change in the Gaza Strip is that even those who have the financial chance to leave, and travel cannot do so as of the many limits imposed on the intersections.

A person close to the players you love and among the crowds is thrilling. For the first time, I will be watching things that the camera doesn’t show. It’s distinct. I hope that the Gaza Strip will have a chance for skilled athletes just like the West Bank, and football squads can move effortlessly between the two places.

How the Qatar Football World Cup will highlight Israel’s blockade of Gaza
How the Qatar Football World Cup will highlight Israel’s blockade of Gaza

Owais narrated the problems facing the national squads moving between the inhabited West Bank and Gaza. If the Rafah team, for example, goes to West Bank, some of them are denied licenses, and the same if the Hebron squad comes to Gaza, some of them are refused permits too. In the past, FIFA has stated it would continue to assist the movement of players, officials, and football apparatus in, out of, and within Palestine.

Though, following an objection by the Palestinian Football Association, FIFA President Gianni Infantino stated: These territories are anxiety for the international public law authorities and FIFA must stay neutral. The PFA objected that the Israeli barrier hampers its activities, involving restricting players’ actions and banning some international travel. Agreeing to the Reuters news agency, Israel has cited security anxieties for its activities and the Israeli FA tells it is not accountable for the actions of its government.

Only Ramy Abdu, the local director of the Euro-Mediterranean Observer, told Al Jazeera that FIFA has always applied great pressure on several governments to urge them to abide by human rights requirements.

“FIFA exercised pressure on Iran to allow women to attend football games and just the suspension of Russian clubs,” he stated.

Yet he tells FIFA has become a blind eye to Israeli violations, which are not limited to the political and humanitarian sector but the sports sector as well. Israel has constantly impeded the holding of the Palestine final games by inhibiting the movement of Palestinian footballers between the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. Now, occupants of the Gaza Strip will be unable to travel through the Israeli-controlled Erez cross-over to attend the Football World Cup games in Qatar, cementing the fact that the 15-year-old Israeli blockade smothers all aspects of Palestinians’ daily lives in the Strip.

How the Qatar Football World Cup will highlight Israel’s blockade of Gaza
How the Qatar Football World Cup will highlight Israel’s blockade of Gaza

The Innovation Behind the Transmission of The Qatar Football World Cup

This will be the fifth successive Football World Cup for which Vivero Media will provide video transport facilities to rightsholders worldwide. In this edition, Vivero Media will broadcast live signals of the event to 18 various media companies, reaching around 600 million listeners in 10 countries: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Canada, Ecuador, Uruguay, Belgium, Mexico, The Netherlands, and South Africa.

The preparations for the Football World Cup 2022 stand out not only for the real passion for the sport but then also for the technological advances required to broadcast live signals to every corner of the world. The excellence and speed of the transmissions require significant infrastructure and knowledge, along with outstanding service levels.

Through November and December of 2022, millions of homes will relish live broadcasts with the highest excellence, thanks to diverse high-capacity fibre-based routes out of Qatar that confirm minimal latency and high obtainability, attributes that merge the transport and video encrypting technology platforms.

To provide live transmissions to broadcasters across the world, Vivero Media will deploy innovative results which include 160 video links, 28 data links, and more than 60 Gigabits of bandwidth from Qatar to 18 broadcasters in three regions.

“During our 20-year history, we have reacted to our customers’ needs with cutting-edge technology and the most innovative solutions in the industry. It will not be unique this time, since we will also be carrying signals in ultra-high definition and 4K, along with scoreless and ultra-low latency delivery,” spoke Gustavo Mario de la Garza Flores, CEO of Vivero.

How the Qatar Football World Cup will highlight Israel’s blockade of Gaza
How the Qatar Football World Cup will highlight Israel’s blockade of Gaza

The signs for the live games will arrive at the International Broadcasting Center in Doha, later travelling through with Vivero Media's global fibre network, to then reach broadcasters for delivery to the final viewers. Vivero Media’s two network management centres, in Montreal and Mexico City, will monitor the transport of the signals on a 24/7 basis for the period of this month-long event.

“The live reporting of this major event is a complicated, challenging project. Our mission is to enable our customers’ knowledge and guarantee the success of their broadcasts. Our team is working carefully to provide a dependable, customized solution to each of the 18 broadcasters that have chosen Vivero Media as their technological partner for this major global tournament,” stated Daniel Gonzalez, CEO of Vivero Media.

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