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How the right MSA dashboard software benefit your business?

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In this modern living, accessing an infinite amount of data is easier with an easy swipe of the screen and one click of a button. Owners of tobacco businesses can take advantage of modern technology by getting digital insights to streamline their core business processes. Not only this, but they can also push their businesses ahead of the competition with effective decision-making. But, having limited access to business-boosting data seems like you have poor insights to make crucial improvements in your business. Therefore, MSA dashboard software is essential to be involved in the tobacco business processes to have seamless integration and access to data.

Obtain resourceful information and data

ERP is a modern MSA dashboard software that is fully integrated with advanced features. It helps you to consolidate valuable information in a digestible form and at a centralized location. Thus, honing you to the insights that you need to make important decisions for the growth of your business. Simply put, it works as a solution of business intelligence to allow you to trim the information that can empower your business. The dashboard allows you to have useful access to data by clicking on the resources on a single screen. For example, if you want to check sales data for tobacco products in the previous week, you can get the information quickly in the form of graphs, pie charts, and numbers.

Real-time reporting for tobacco sales

ERP is a cutting-edge solution that facilitates effective data management solutions. Thus, it serves up your dynamic business insights in no time. It is your reliable MSA audit and reporting tool that makes relevant information insights unfold. It can track sales reports for your products and can send alerts for any discrepancies. Thus, tracking the right data for your sales will enable you to prepare accurate MSA reporting for submission to manufacturers. Gaining real-time insights of data for tobacco sales empowers you to track arising issues thus making you responsive and adaptable.

Precise MSA reporting for tobacco products

MSA data reporting is a mandate for you if you get cigarettes, cigars, vapes, and other tobacco products from manufacturers. You need to submit this weekly report if you get stamped cigarettes from local manufacturers for distribution to retailers. The tax collected by you on each time must be recorded in accounts and GST is applicable at out-of-the-state purchases and sales. Therefore, the ERP system can analyze all data recorded in the system regarding the distribution of products locally and outside the particular US state. Thus the MSA report is necessary to prepare as per total sales including taxes to manufacturers for tax return filing.

Tracking and reporting of inventory tax

If you are a stockist of tobacco products that levied NCCD tax or excise duty, it is vital to track and prepare reports for these taxes. This tax is imposed on cigarettes and pan masala products. An ERP system can help you track real-time information to include in the MSA data reporting.


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