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Cubase is one of the most popular digital audio workstations and has been appreciated for its great functionality. Also, it lets you work with almost every genre of music. Be it EDM, hip hop, or RnB; you can compose music of any genre of your choice using Cubase. If you want to add the same effect to multiple audio tracks, it may take a long time to apply the same effect to all the audio tracks. In order to apply the same effect to multiple tracks, you can add Insert effects to FX channels. Here is how to add Insert effects to FX channels.

Add Insert Effects to FX Channel

Before you add Insert effects to FX channels, you need to open the project you want to work on. Click Edit Channel Settings. As you click “Channel Setting,” the FX channel window will open; it is where you will find the option to add Insert effects. In the “Inserts” section, click the Insert slot on the Insert tab. and select an effect that you want to apply to all the tracks on the same channel.  The selected effect will be applied to all the tracks.

Routing Audio Channels to FX Channels

Routing an audio channel to the FX channel means that audio makes its way through the Insert effects set up for the FX channel. In order to do so, just add an audio track in Cubase. Click on the Edit Channel Settings. As you click on the Edit Channel Settings, you will find an option to open the Channel settings window. In the” Sends,” click Select Destination for effect and select an FX channel track from the selector.  On the “Send” slot, You will find the option to activate or deactivate Send. The audio is routed through the FX channel this way.

Open the Effect Panel

In order to view the “Send” destination, you can hold down the Alt key tab and double-click. You can open the effect panel by doing the same procedure, but the effect panel will open if you have routed the Send to FX channel.


Cubase is a versatile digital audio workstation software that helps you compose melodies, arrange drum patterns, mix and master a track in a professional way. Some of its advanced features can be difficult to understand. The purpose of the tips shared above was to help you grasp a better understanding of some advanced features on Cubase. We hope you found these tips useful!

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