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Sooner or later, every summer vacation must come to an end. And while it feels like time flew by a little too fast, you created memories that will stand the test of time. One of the best ways to etch the fun times in your memory is with one-of-a-kind custom jewelry. Whether it’s a charm collection on a 2mm gold chain or a hand stamped bracelet, here’s how to use jewelry to commemorate the best vacation ever.

A Keychain with the Airport Code

Every airport in the world has a three-letter code known as its IATA identifier. You know the most popular ones: ATL, LAX, JFK, and DEN. But, no matter where you go this summer, the airport has a code, and a custom monogram keychain is the perfect way to remember the summer vacation that started and ended at the airport.

Just look at your ticket, and you can find the codes for your departure and arrival airports.

Every time you pull out your keys and catch sight of the hand stamped airport code, you’ll remember all the memories you made on your trip.

A Gold Chain Necklace with Custom Charms

Your vacation wasn’t just one moment. It was a string of heart-stopping, breathtaking, and laugh-filled times. These are the memories that deserve more than just one token to commemorate them all. So, find a 2mm gold chain you like and fill it with charms that do your summer getaway justice.

Add custom coordinates to a silver and gold compass charm. Put a short inside joke from the trip on an oval piece. Order a rectangle charm with the names of everyone who went on the trip.

Put it all together, and you’ve got a string of charms just as unique as the recollection of the trip itself.

A Bracelet with Hand Stamped Coordinates

Coordinates represent so much. They represent the spot of your favorite memory. The culmination of an entire trip. The physical location of a timeless moment. Somewhere you hope to return to one day.

When you get back from your trip, look up the coordinates for the exact spot where you knew this trip would never be forgotten. Then, partner with a custom-jewelry maker who can add these coordinates to a bracelet, and the result is a one-of-a-kind piece that will forever keep you attached to this place with the invisible threads of memory.

A Stone That Symbolizes the State

Many states have a state mineral or gemstone. Georgia’s state gemstone is quartz. Montana’s is sapphire. Nevada is nicknamed the Silver State. A wire-wrapped stone that relates to the state you visited not only keeps your memories fresh in your mind but helps you bring a piece of them with you everywhere you go.

Whether you wear this stone as a necklace, or a smaller one as part of a bracelet, you will always have a powerful symbol of your vacation nearby.

A Custom Charm with Interstate Numbers

There’s nothing quite like a good old-fashioned road trip. And whether you took the I-5 down the Pacific coast, the I-15 through the Southwest, or the I-55 to the Gulf of Mexico, you have the perfect opportunity to commemorate your vacation.

You’ll see the road signs over and over again. What better way to remember all the fun you had traversing the country than with the interstate numbers? Have them put on a custom charm for a necklace or bracelet, and you’ll have a unique piece of jewelry that not only gives you opportunities to talk about your vacation but will help you recall your road trip every time you see it.

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