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How To Apply For Teaching Jobs Abroad

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Teaching is numbered amongst the noble professions. A teacher not only imparts bookish knowledge to the students but also guides them through the path of life. Hence, the lookout for a good teacher is always in a full swing. Academic institutions around the world are always in a hunt for skilled and knowledgeable teachers who can brighten up the lives of the students and turn their institution into a renowned and profitable venture.

These days there is a huge demand for foreign language teachers. Countries are widely promoting the learning of foreign languages within their domestic boundaries to prepare their natives for taking up jobs wherever they want and language is never a barrier for them.

Teachers also seem to have a happy and positive response towards this step of magnifying teaching foriegn languages. This opens a door to the world for the teachers to explore and search for a befitting job for themselves. However, this move also instigates chaos. There is a lack of information and abundance of misinformation doing the rounds about how to get a job abroad?

To make the lives easier of the teachers who aspire to teach abroad we have brought you the entire process of how to apply for teaching jobs abroad?

It is an obvious fact that teaching abroad comes with a number of legalities. There are some prerequisites before applying for a job. Moving ahead every country has their own norms when hiring a foreign national as a teacher but some basic qualifications are universal and essential to all.

Educational qualifications like a degree in in your subject

Teaching certifications ( TEFL/TESL/TESOL certificate for teaching english)

Teaching experience

Right documents for flying to another country ( renewed passport, etc)


Choose a country

There are a plethora of teaching jobs available around the world. Choose a country based on choice of job, living expenses, lifestyle, weather conditions or what you feel is best for you.

For example you can move to France and enjoy your lavish lifestyle over a glass of wine after you are done with your job. You can choose to relocate to Vietnam and find an amazing english teaching job there while losing yourself in its natural environment.

Prepare your resume/CV

One of the most important tasks while looking for a job, especially overseas, is writing down an impressive and effective resume. It is to be taken seriously that some countries strictly follow the concept of a standard resume. Before creating your resume check what kind of a resume is common in the country you are applying for a job. However there are some basic rules while writing a resume that you can follow like be precise, go in a chronological order, be absolutely truthful, add a cover letter for better chances of selection

Look for job openings

Look for job openings that compliment your education and experience. Browse through the job openings section of various schools and institutes and apply for multiple jobs to increase your chances of getting a job. It is advisable to leave your resume at different organizations if there are no job openings available because they might reach out to you if there are new openings relevant to your resume in future.

Interview round

If your resume gets shortlisted, like any job the next step is the interview round. Since you are applying for a job overseas it would most likely be an online interview. Don’t be intimidated and answer all the questions confidently. All they would want to know is your educational background, family, skills, etc. Be well researched and well prepared and ace the interview like a boss

Salary negotiations

This is when you get selected for a particular job and your contract is written. Give importance to every little detail in that contract because when you move to a foreign land you have to abide by the contract and literally swear by it. Make sure to make salary negotiations beforehand and settle for the job when you are fully satisfied by it.

Final details before beginning with the job

It is important to look for compensations and benefits given by your employer. Another important factor to always consider is to look for accommodation options and research about local transportation services available beforehand so that you can make a calculated decision and avoid any chaos at your new workplace.


Always consider checking visa acquisition norms and whether you are eligible for it. You also need to pay attention to financial backing. There is a fair amount of money that you might need to travel and settle down in  an entirely new country.

Apply for a teaching job abroad. Look for job openings, prepare and submit your application, check your contract and visa and you are good to go website


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