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When you have known some common jewelry quality problems, how to avoid buying defective wholesale fashion jewelry?

  • Prevention.

As a wholesale jewelry bulk buyer, it is important to understand the legitimacy and credibility of the supplier before buying. For example, you can check their real buyer reviews, social media interaction, and jewelry factory environment.

  • Inspection.

In order to ensure that the wholesale jewelry you buy is free from defects, you can ask for samples before delivery. This will help you check for defective jewelry during mass production. However, if you are dealing with large suppliers, you can ask them for their production processes directly. For example, ask for pictures or videos that show product quality.

  • Communicate

In the production process, active communication is also very important. For example, for jewelry design issues, you need to communicate well with suppliers and ask them about the design and manufacturing process.

If you are a small or medium jewelry buyer, for better cost reduction, you don’t need to contact large factories. For example, you can find a small reliable jewelry factory to process your order. Such choice can often help you save much money. Even if your products are handmade or custom related, they can deliver your materials to fulfill orders with lower labor costs.

However, if you are a large jewelry buyer, then, for your bulk purchase needs, you should put quality in the first place. Therefore, you need to contact a professional wholesale jewelry supplier or factory that can take the responsibility. In addition, you may also have problems related to price and minimum order quantity. So, in order to buy fine jewelry at a good price, you can try to buy fashion jewelry wholesale by kilo instead of buying bulk jewelry. We will introduce it in detail later, you can read on.

Meanwhile, another thing worth noting is that if you want to import different jewelry sets from China. Perhaps you need to work with multiple suppliers, as most manufacturers specialize in only one type of jewelry accessory.

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