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The increasing popularity and use of video conferencing and meetings application attract various issues that hindrances various important tasks while the application is working. The latest issue regarding one of the most used applications, “Zoom,” is the “Zoombombing.” Zoombombing is a serious issue that causes a break or crash of the application while you are taking meetings with your employees or clients. In this case, unattended persons create the issue by getting into the meeting in the mid of the meeting process. This disruption of the meeting process between the important conversations between meeting sharers makes the person annoyed or frustrated.

There are many other such rumors have arisen due to these type of issues to various other video conversation apps. We are talking about one of the most potent issues of the Zoom application that is “Zoombombing.”

Follow these guidelines to know how to tackle this situation to prevent this issue. It helps the user from distracting and breaking the meeting in the middle:

Changing Zoom Settings

There are various setup features provided by Zoom to modify just before the launching of your Zoom meetings with your office colleagues or teachers. This provides a restriction to those uninvited users to break the middle in the middle. It reduces the chance of intrusion by various unknown guests. Here is how you can modify your Zoom settings:

In the beginning, you have to make sure that you are not using your personal meetings ID. In this case, it is recommended to use a per-meeting ID that is bound for one meeting only. If you want to make a random ID for your meeting, then you can use the support section of the Zoom app.

Activating Waiting Room Feature

After performing all the above jobs, you have to activate the feature “waiting Room.” This functionality will allow you to view other users who want to join the respective meeting just before providing permission. Be aware of any movement or unknown actions as there are various disrupters that may crack your plan.

To turn this feature to On, you have to follow the offered instructions:

  • In the beginning, navigate towards the section “Account Management.”
  • After that, press the option “Account Settings.”
  • Now, hit the Meeting option and then press the “Waiting Room.”
  • Once you are all set with the previously mentioned steps, then you have to deactivate other options, such as the option related to joining before the host. This option will be deactivated by default, but it is recommended to check at one to see that the joining option is deactivated properly from your device.
  • After that, you have to deactivate the “Screen sharing Nonhosts” option there. You have to turn off all the remote control features there.
  • At last, deactivate the file transferring feature, annotations, and even autosave features for chatting.
  • To deactivate most of such features, hit the Settings option situated at the top right side edge of your screen that you have signed in. It is recommended to deactivate all the unnecessary features to avoid any further issues.

Deactivating Screen Sharing Features

  • Firstly, hit the host control option located in the lowermost section.
  • Then, locate the arrow tab just after the Share Screen option there and hit on it.
  • After that, press the option related to advanced settings and navigate towards the option “Who can Share?” option.
  • Next, press the tab “Only Host” and close the expanded window there.
  • After performing these actions, start the meetings and make sure that the members are active that you want. Then, close all the path for outsiders means you have to lock the meetings feature for unknown persons. Now, nominate two different meeting coordinating hosts as the main responsibility of these hosts is to prevent these outsiders at the first move.
  • To manage the co-hosts, you have to follow these under mentioned steps:
  • Hit the gear-shaped logo resembling Settings.
  • After that, navigate and hit the Meetings tab there.
  • Next, press the Co-host option after scrolling the page downward. Now, ensure that the feature is activated.
  • In case Zoom asks for the authentication process, then hit activate the feature.

Lock Zoom Meetings

Some sharp online thieves get the Zoom account information to get into the Zoom application, and thus they disrupt the meeting in the middle and sometimes make it crashed. In this case, the overall process is terminated, and the meeting process is canceled. In order to restrict these actions, you should lock Zoom meetings. To do so, pursue these guidelines:

  • First and foremost, navigate to the member’s list located in the navigation pane.
  • Then, scroll your page to the downward and then hit the More tab there.
  • After that, press the Lock Meetings option. This process will prevent unwanted visitors from entering into the Zoom meeting.

Mute Zoom Meetings

If you wish to mute Zoom Meeting, follow these mentioned guidelines:

  • Firstly, ask any of the co-hosts to navigate to the list of participants.
  • After that, scroll the page downward to the lowermost section.
  • Then, press the Mute All Controls tab. This action will restrict other visitors to use your Zoom enabled microphone to get into the meetings and to disrupt the whole process.

For more support about deactivation some other features, you can take the help of Google or contact Zoom support care.

Source :- http://www.apsense.com/article/how-to-avoid-zoombombing-through-4-simple-zoom-security-settings.html


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