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Cats are meant for their style of grooming. They can generally maintain themselves with the help of their teeth, paws, and tongue. However, sometimes they might be a little help for staying fresh and clean. If your cat has been in a dangerous or sticky position, it is better to give them a solid bath. Here are some tips for bathing with less hassle for both of you.

Trim Off The Nails:

The claws of the cats are quite useful for defense. However, if a cat gets upset, it can scratch anyone near them, including you. Cat scratches are quite harmful. Therefore, for the sake of your safety, it is essential to trim your nails before bathing.

Remove Their Loose Fur

The hair of the cats falls apart frequently. And that bunch of hairs can get into your plumbing system. So if you could brush your hair nicely to remove any loose hair, it would be beneficial while bathing. You can also make use of cotton balls to keep the water out.

Schedule a Bathing Time

Cats usually do not like to be bathed frequently. A cat who is usually dynamic can be more reluctant to bathe. You can make a schedule for a bathing time, especially when she is tired and exhausted, like after a long playing session. If you can make the timing of the bath, it will be even better.

Use a Mug for Bathing

Your cat may not wish to go underwater. Therefore, you should try using some sprayer for bathing them thoroughly until they are wet enough.

Use a Specialised Product for Them

Do not apply your shampoo to your cat as they are unsafe if they accidentally lick it. Moreover, it can cause their skin to surface as well. Try using a dedicated shampoo for them. Try rubbing the neck first and going towards the tail gradually. It would be best to avoid the shampoo from entering their eyes and ears.

Rinse Their Body Well

After fully covering your cat with foam, you can start rinsing it with lukewarm water. You can take ample time to ensure that all the foam is gone.

Dry Thoroughly

The most critical part of bathing is drying them thoroughly. Just after bathing, you should make an effort to dry them. You can use a high-quality towel for drying them. You should take adequate time for combing your cat if they have long fur.

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