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There's no deficiency of advice on the browser on how to beat your competitors on the search rankings. Some are fake. Some are precious. What's more vital than merely ranking high for as many queries as possible is ranking well compared to your local competitors. 

In large cities, it is quite tough to increase your visibility in the Search Engine Results Page(SERP). It happens that sometimes you follow all the SEO techniques, but you find that the website is still not doing well. This can be frustrating sometimes for the business owner. Even always make efforts to catch up and surpass your competition. 

Some ways to beat your competitors are – 

  • Optimize GMB Listing:

Get a place in the local results by optimizing Google My Business (GMB) listing. Make sure your contact information and working hours are updated and correct, pinned reviews can be seen, and the images are engaging and relevant. Don't forget to use keywords in the description of your company. 

  • Keep Updating:

Search Engines love fresh and updated content. So, never neglect the fact that you need to provide regular updates to your website to surpass your competitors. Keep adding high-quality content and keep a keen watch on your competitor's performance. 

  • Long-Tail Keywords:

Search for some long-tail keywords that are relevant to queries and your business. By finding the questions from the local users and the search phrases they are entering, you can write contents that provide them these answers. This will help in gaining new customers and generating leads. You can find long-tail keywords with the help of Google Autocomplete or keyword planners. 

  • Don't Use Black Hat Techniques:

Even if you see that your competitors are using black hat techniques to improve their visibility and rankings, don't use the same methods for your business because they won't fetch you good results in the long term. 

  • Make Real Connections:

Building local relationships with clients, focusing on affiliate marketing, and making sure to promote yourself locally can prove to be the best for your website's rankings. If local people know and trust your business, they'll search for your company and would help you to rank, which would make your keywords rank even higher. 

  • Use Schema Markup:

Schema Markup is a structured data that is added to the HTML to upgrade the pages that are displayed on the search results page. Schema definitely makes your page stand out amongst the competitor's in the results and these are the indicators that search engines are beginning to look forward to valuing schema markup. 

It's time to focus on how to outgrow your competitor's in the Google searches in the local area. Remember that rankings, Backlinks, and quality content are the most critical factors for ranking that Google considers. So, you should always focus on creating better content than your competitors. Focus on building more backlinks from trusted sites. Keep engaging with your users to leave a tremendous impact on them. Make sure to follow these tricks to always stay on the top while beating your competitors.


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