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The world’s full of opportunities. There are many people who struggle to find jobs, but they are unable to see the online opportunities. Leave the struggle behind and become an online English tutor to earn big bucks and be financially independent. 

The question is – How do you find online English teaching jobs? There are some college students and graduates who wonder whether these tutoring jobs require any specific degree or experience in teaching. 

Here’s some news for you: you don’t need a college degree or any experience in teaching to become a tutor. Some platforms do ask for a degree, certification and relevant experience, but there are other platforms that do not need it. 

This article will shed light on the subject, ‘how to become an online English teacher without any experience or degree.’ Let’s get started! 

The Prerequisites 

Before you become an online tutor, you need to have certain things such as: 

  1. Strong internet connection 
  2. A laptop/PC 

If you want to level up, a microphone would be a good investment. 

English teaching jobs would require you to be proficient in the language. Sentence construction should be spot-on, and your grammar should be perfect. If your verbal and written English is poor, a prospective student may not select you, and platforms might reject your application as well. 

Even if you don’t have experience, your verbal and written English should be flawless. In case your English is excellent, you can become an English tutor. 

Where should you apply for online English teaching jobs? 

There are platforms like Evopry and Preply wherein candidates can apply for online tutoring jobs EnglishThese platforms do not ask for a college degree or any relevant experience. You can get started with your teaching journey without these. 

However, you would need to make a quick introduction video or prepare a demo for the prospective students. If the students like your demo class/introduction, they can hire you on an hourly basis. 

There are plenty of online English teaching jobs, but you should know where to apply and how to make a profile. 

Speaking of profile, make sure you list all your relevant skills or any experience that you may have. If you have been a topper in English at school level, you can mention it in your profile. 

What’s the scope of teaching English in a foreign country? 

You will be pleased to know that many countries have a high demand for English teachers. You could look for Spanish English teaching jobs or Japanese English teaching jobsIn Japan, people do not speak in English, so there is a shortage of native speakers. Similarly, in Spain, there are many people who need English lessons from an expert. 

You don’t have to know their language to teach them English. 

Overall, becoming an English tutor is a lucrative job opportunity. You must grab this opportunity and make a profile on platforms like Evopry. There’s a possibility that you may earn $10-$100 a day! 


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