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Becoming an e-commerce entrepreneur is advantageous for startups in several ways. Indeed, it is simpler and more cost-effective than establishing an office or renting spaces for brick-and-mortar shops. Moreover, online presence is open to the public, allowing to apply digital business marketing strategies for client attraction. And, like a cherry on the cake, business owners can identify serious competitors, check reviews and use their weak sides for the company's benefit.

Below, we’ll describe how to improve your brand performance, grow website attendance and engage visitors with PWA for digital business in 2022.

But first, let us inspire you with a short story of one team that stays competitive and gains power yearly. We think their spirit is a perfect example of how every business can break the opponent's defense and bring high scores to its own squad.

Green Bay Packers, a professional American football team from Wisconsin, again showed an excellent result, beating their rivals at the beginning of the 2022 season. They have played a 3d game with the Buccaneers resulting in a 14:12 score. After over 70 years of team existence, they’ve studied to adapt to competitors on the field, learn their weak sides, and develop the best strategy to win.

Packers' irrepressible desire to do their best to succeed can become a perfect example for every entrepreneur who wants to establish a confident online digital business. We’ve identified the three key factors that allowed footballers to build a valuable name in the sports world.

A solid management

First, teams' top managers and coaches have created a flourishing environment for their players to realize skills and improve their professionalism. As a result, every team member has a perfect opportunity to upgrade the qualification level and tools to reach the best result. 

Secondly, the Packers carefully analyze their competitors to determine their bottlenecks and turn this knowledge into a winning combination on the field.

Moreover, footballers make conclusions from their own mistakes in offense and defense and find ways to avoid them in future battles.

A perfect team chemistry

Thanks to the best managers and players' leadership, all the footballers know their role in the game and work for common goals. The team can have dozens of professional players, but they will doubtfully succeed in being selfish and working for themselves. 

Just watch how all the teammates stand in their place. That allows Aaron Jones to run over 20 yards, bringing the Packers high points. Every participant is invaluable here.

Excellent fans experience

You probably know that fans are called the 12th man on the team. And here, the Green Bay’s find exceptional support and resources for their achievements. The same with successful digital business. Users’ appreciation can play a crucial role in the overall entrepreneurs' development. That’s why paying detailed attention to your clients is one of the vital tasks to focus your entrepreneurial efforts. And improving the customers' experience (CX) here is a factor that can create a loyal client base, able to support your e-commerce company for years.

In the next chapter, we’d like to talk more clearly about how to create a digital business, influence the level of customer engagement and bring your enterprise to the top.

Channeling Your Revenues into the Right Direction: A Guide to Directory Site Monetization

Whether you are a seller, manufacturer, producer, or educational course creator, you’ve definitely had an online presence because the e-commerce market makes 17.8% of global sales, pretending to reach an unbelievable 24.5% by 2025.

The question is, what does it take to build a successful digital business? Except for entrepreneurs' efforts in creating a business plan and determining the best product for investments, competitors' analysis is one of the primary tasks to look deeply at. 

Scrolling through the rival's website or apps, startupers can find digital business ideas or mistakes they have the power to exclude, providing a perfect level of customer support.

That doesn’t mean you should copy the way competitors represent their products or services, but figure out how to attract more attention to your brand.

Having the only website for reaching customers everywhere they are is not enough. Of course, you can build a multichannel net for growing your traffic. Still, it may be difficult to increase retention and keep customers engaged. Then, how to develop a digital business that generates leads? Let’s talk about the ways of improving entrepreneur-client interaction. 

Many entrepreneurs don’t limit their digital presence with a site but develop apps, allowing customers to get quick access to their services from mobile phones. There are several types of software you can take a look at.

Web apps

These are websites optimized for mobile usage with all the functionalities located on a server. They are written in Javascript and HTML. Web apps are available from desktops and smartphone browsers and represent the company's content conveniently, regardless of gadgets' screen dimensions. They require less time for creation and are more economical than other application development. One of the disadvantages of such software is its low security level, making it less reliable for online shops. Google Docs and Netflix are examples of digital business web apps.

Native apps

It is a unique tool developed for the appropriate gadget OS. The programming language differs depending on the operational system. Thus, it can be JavaScript or Kotlin for Android and Swift for iOS. Such frameworks as React are also widely used in the native app development process. WhatsApp or Spotify have access to smartphone features, like geofencing or camera, which you won’t find in other types of applications. Native software requires a lot of costs to build and is limited to the relative platforms. That’s why progressive web apps are more suitable for small budgets and universal for any browser.

Hybrid Apps

These tools combine features of the previous two types. They primarily represent a web page and are wrapped in a mobile application with a WebView. Developers widely use cross-platform frameworks like Ionic Sencha or React to create hybrid software. They are less expensive than native ones but provide many useful customer features, like in-app purchases. One developer project suits both iOs and Android OS, so there is no need to write a lot of code.

Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

These are applications that work for any browser and device. They are cost-effective, fast, and almost “invisible” for gadgets memory space. Moreover, PWA is accessible offline and shows excellent customer retention results. Thus, 91.2% of progressive software users are returning visitors. Such a significant set of advantages ensures a beneficial role of technology in e-commerce business. There are several frameworks to apply a new approach. For example, developers widely use custom Angular js to convert web apps into a PWA.

Accelerated Mobile Pages is an alternative way to load a website faster. But what’s better for your business AMP or PWA? It depends on your objectives. If you are willing to obtain an offline mode and improve CX, progressive apps will definitely solve these tasks, not only fastening the website's functionality.

In the next chapter, we’d like to share the best practices of implementing PWA and the incredible results of this decision


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