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There are always two sides to every story– in this case, every transaction: the buyer and the seller. 

Buying and selling of Disney Vacation Club resale are not only beneficial to the buyer but also to the one who originally purchased it. Let us tell you why! 

Benefits of Disney Vacation Club resale

If you’re a buyer

As a buyer, you have an amazing opportunity to source the best DVC resale listing. All you need to do is be patient and wait until the most ideal one comes your way. 

The best and most important benefit you’re getting from a DVC resale is that you can purchase this luxurious membership at a fraction of the original cost. 

That means you get to enjoy the Disney magic without spending a fortune! 

Going for a DVC resale also allows you to choose the best contract for you. 

There are a few variables you must consider: Use Years, Point size and availability and Home Resort. 

Depending on when you would want to make the trip, you should put into consideration the use year on the contract and then plan your holiday around it. 

Point availability and size on the other hand will determine how you can spend this vacation wisely as the points are treated as the main currency on the Disney locations where DVC membership is recognized. 

Which home resort the original member bought into can also be used to your advantage as home resorts offer their members earlier booking benefits. 

There’s so much to enjoy in Disney Vacation Club locations, and to be able to enjoy them at a much lesser cost is without a doubt the best benefit there is! 

If you’re a seller 

As a seller, there are two ways you can put up your Disney Vacation Club membership on sale: you can either request a DVC contract resale listing or request an instant sale offer. 

How do these two methods work? 

How you want to sell your DVC membership can depend on the reason behind the sale. 

If you’re looking to get a good offer and does not mind waiting, then you can request a DVC contract resale listing from a company like DVC Resale Experts who will get to work on it right away and connect you with a pool of buyers so you can get the best potential selling price.

This will ensure that you will get the best price off of your membership and potentially get a portion of your original spend. 

The other method works best if you want to quickly make a profit out of your DVC membership. Requesting an instant sale will almost certainly receive an offer quickly. 

Although it may not be as great of a deal as when you let it on the pool list, this resale method guarantees that you will be able to sell your points immediately– this gaining profit quickly. 

Whichever of these two methods you wish to go with, as a seller, you will surely benefit from the sale. However, if you’re not willing to let go of your DVC membership permanently, then a more temporary method is available and that is renting your DVC points. 


Regardless if you’re a buyer or a seller, it’s always a win-win situation when a Disney Vacation Club resale is involved. One very important factor to consider when buying and selling is where to browse or request for a listing. Choose a reputable company like DVC Resale Experts to make sure that you’re getting the best deal.


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