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As your child grows and you delight in their unique personality traits, birthday parties can help you to not only cherish those moments, but share them with friends and family, too. While your child is of course precious to you – and quite rightly so! Loved ones will want to pamper and spoil them, too, and a birthday party gives them the perfect opportunity to do so.

However, you may wish to avoid your child’s birthday celebration from turning into merely a superficial event, and want to inject some culture and tradition into the proceedings. Doing so can help instill some important values in your child, and can help them to understand why celebrating their birth is so special and important.

Below are a few simple ways in which you can bring some culture, customs and traditions to your child’s birthday party, while still allowing them (and your guests, and you!) to have a lot of fun:

Make your goodie bags memorable:

Kids might enjoy indulging in the sweets, or playing with the brightly colored trinkets and stickers found in their goodie bags, but there are ways of filling the party bags with items that are a little more special and cultural. Try adding educational but child-oriented books about Desi holidays, Hindu Gods or places of historical interest in India. Your child will enjoy looking at the pictures and learning new things that they can share with their friends or with their teacher at school.

Make a Mehndi station:

As one of India’s most ancient art forms, mehndi body art is a fantastic way of enabling your child to have fun with art, while learning something about age old traditions. Mehndi has also been known to possess cooling qualities that help to relieve stress and prevent illness, and could help calm down your over excitable little one!

Fun and games:

Whether you’re sticking to the traditional games that you used to play as a child, or opting for some more modern ones, there are still plenty of ways to inject some traditions into them. For instance, if you’re having a pinata, fill it with individually wrapped mithai or if playing ‘pin the tail on the donkey’, have a peacock or other national animal instead. You can even use traditional or Bollywood music for classic games like musical chairs.

Sugar and spice, and all things nice!

Sweets are a staple of most Indian celebrations, children’s birthday parties included, and dishing out sweet treats made from traditional recipes is a great way of prolonging certain customs. You can even get your kids involved in making some of the simpler sweets, and teach them about its origins as they do so.

Then there is the tradition of the birthday child feeding each guest, or the guests feeding the child. Whichever method you opt for, it’s a timely tradition that can help everyone present remember the history of the country and of their ancestors, while still having a lot of messy fun!

Bringing a little culture to your child’s birthday party is simple, but above all, remember that it’s a celebration of your child and the joy they have brought to your life; keep that in mind, and you can’t go far wrong.

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