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Holiday season 2020 is around the corner. Customers are eagerly waiting to fill their shopping cart with discounted products. If you are preparing for the high-volume holiday season, you need to consider many details like email offers, outstanding design elements, etc. It's time to assure that your customers get every benefit during this holiday season.  

To get started, let’s first put buyers’ psychology on priority:  

1. Everyone is looking for a discount  

Holiday season is the time when everyone is looking for discounts. You must know that holidays and discounts co-exist and every buyer is looking for one. For many shopaholics getting a good holiday deal is more important than getting a brand’s after-sales service.  

Traders should leave no stone unturned to advertise discounts during the holiday season. Update your website page, highlighting the discounted products. Provide a visible discount message to grab buyers’ attention. Show % figure or the amount they are saving on any particular product.  

Below we have listed down the most effective holiday eCommerce offers: 

  • Coupon codes – 52.9%  

  • Site-wide discounts – 74.5%  

  • Specific product discounts – 58.8%  

  • Free shipping on all orders – 43.1%  

  • Free shipping by order value – 41.2% 

No doubt, a site-wide discount is dominating the list with the highest percentage, as it can attract more customers. But to be very frank, it can hamper the profit margins. At the same time, free shipping is standard for both the buyers and merchants.  

2. Many buyers aren’t shopping for themselves  

Creating a recipient-specific gift guide is the first strategy to implement. This strategy will guide those shoppers who don’t know where to begin. The next strategy is to organize inventory by persona like children, parents, colleagues, etc. If possible, provide practical solutions to stressed holiday shoppers; it can bring a competitive advantage your way.  

During this golden time, customers will try to purchase expensive products. Merchants can try to offer discounts on recommended products and let shoppers bundle less-expensive products.  

 Now, let’s check out the points to consider before preparing for an excellent holiday season  

 Prepare early for the big days  

According to a research, it was found that over 70% of US shoppers plan to participate in Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM). Hence, it’s essential to start advertising as early as possible, as many holiday shoppers have already decided what to add in their bucket list. Remember, your customers have already started their research and will try to find you amongst the sea of competitors.  

 Collaborate with influencers  

Collaborating with the influencers is a great idea to promote your products to a large group of customers. Influencers can help you in spreading the awareness and trust of your brand. If done in the right way, there are chances that it will drive direct sales.  

To set up a successful influencer promotion, it better to know how your products are connected to their audience. Approach someone how had provided you the desired leads in the past or look for the top-performing influencers.  

 Provide an irresistible holiday offer  

One of the proven strategies to entice customers is to run a “jaw-dropping” holiday season sale on popular products. This increases the chance of them picking up a few other products before clicking on that buy button.   

 Offer daily deals  

Offering daily deals can keep a proper balance of momentum and excitement throughout the holiday sales season. In order to engage new shoppers throughout the process, you may require to create exclusive sales on particular products.  

One of the best examples is Canada’s Hudson’s Bay Store.   

 Oaganize upcoming sales  

To have a happy face after the sales season, you must organize your upcoming sales. Check out your products, plan your deals and holiday discounts efficiently, as no one would like to take the risk of putting a product on a sale last minute.  

Review your inventory and margins to find suitable discounts, and learn how to set up variations in discounts on Shopify Plus. Schedule start and end dates before putting a product on sale. In this way, you will not end up messing with your plans at the last minute, and accordingly, you can get help in the Shopify App Store to make scheduling sales easy.  

 Have contingency plans beforehand  

Though you are ready to rock the holiday season sale, you are still missing something very crucial. It's about your backup plans. No one would like to face something unpredictable like delay in product shipping; products restock if you sell out earlier than expected, etc.   

Well, it’s always better to prepare for uncertain situations beforehand. Wondering how you will plan? Shopify Plus has got the solution to this, as it allows you to efficiently handling such planning.  

 Wrapping up  

There is a lot to do to prepare for the holiday season sale. The key to success is to remain customer-centric throughout the process. Make the most of Shopify Plus’s advantages and stay a step ahead to provide a memorable holiday season sales experience to the shoppers.  

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