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How To Build A Website For The Online Salon & Spa Business?

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If you are running a salon business, a website is a must to help your clients book an appointment through your salon website. Well, the beauty salon website development process is not easy to accomplish. Here you need to take care of website design to integrate features and content that help book and schedule appointments.

Fortunately, you can create your salon website without coding skills. Yes, using a website builder you can create an attractive website that portrays your beauty and hairstyling skills to grab more clients.

Now, if it sounds interesting to you and you are thinking of how to create a website for your salon business, then this blog would help you learn about how to build one in 3 simple steps :

  • Pick a domain name for your salon website
  • Design and develop your website
  • Send newsletters to reach out to your customers

Now, let us learn how to go about each of the above steps:

1. Pick A Domain Name For Your Salon Website

Domain name plays an important role in attracting your customers through your website. You can follow simple tips to choose a perfect domain name

  • A domain name should be easy to spell and remember
  • Relevant for your salon name
  • Same as the names of your pages on Instagram and Facebook

While using website builder, you can check out the yearly charges for options of domain names. Simply choose the one that suits you and start creating the visual representation accordingly.

2. Design and Develop Your Salon Website

Being a professional in the beauty industry, you can use your creativity to come up with an innovative website design. The website builder offers tons of beauty website templates that can be customized to match your services or brand.

  • Start with designing your homepage. Go with one “header image”. You can include your image or image of the interiors/exteriors of your salon
  • Once you have selected an image for the home page, choose the salon template that suits your salon’s layout
  • Start with customization to showcase your beauty services.

a. Template customization

Select a Color scheme

With plenty of online salon booking websites available in the market, make sure the color scheme you select is unique with bright colors, classic, funky or soothing style. With the website builder, you can get ample chance to try out different AI tools to view which colors complement your template.

Experiment with fonts

If you are not sure which font would go with your webpage, just select any one or two that match your image. You can choose

  • Sans-serif fonts that are easy to read and are accessible. This font style can be the ideal option for the text-loaded sections on your website.
  • Do not use more than 3 fonts on a webpage. Instead, use more italics and bold fonts.

b. Design a Logo

Now, start designing your logo. A website builder helps you choose from salon-centric designs for the logo. Here you can select the images, color, font to design an HD logo. Apart from the website, you can use the logo on your

  • Business card
  • Sign
  • Social media channels
  • Shipping articles and bags

Make sure the fonts you pick for your website match your logo.

c. Content Creation For The Pages

After you are done with the layout of your website, it is time to start adding content to the pages.

For your salon website, you can start working on the main pages of your websites like: 

  • Homepage
  • Services 
  •  Appointment Booking 
  • About 
  • Contact

You can also add a Portfolio page if required.

Now let us understand the crucial points to be considered while working on each of the above pages


This page creates the first impression of your salon brand on the users. So, decide on the elements you want on your homepage. Make sure the format of the homepage is mobile responsive. For homepage optimization for web and mobile consider some useful tips given below

  • Keep a simple layout that speaks about your salon through logo, navigation panel header, and logo.
  • Ensure that the text on the homepage should appear without the need to scroll for the users.
  • Include testimonials if you have from the clients 
  • Include a call to action button


To create a services page better you can consider the following points:

  • The crucial sections of the Services page should link back to the appointment page
  • Use CTA (call to action) button which takes the clients to the page where the services can be booked (specifically to the section where they can book the services they were searching for)

Appointment Booking

Here, the actual booking happens. The users are on this page to book appointments. So, integrate a simple process for booking an appointment. Make sure your contact details are visible clearly.

Do not direct the users to a separate page or form to book appointments. 


About us, a page is important for any website. You can include information about your unique approach and services, history and help the users learn about your brand. You can also incorporate employee profiles and client reviews on this page.


This page is about your contact information to help the customers get in touch with you.

You need to include different ways in which clients can contact you. You should also include the following information on this page:

  • Your location
  • Operation hours
  • How clients can get in touch with you (include a phone number, email address, or a contact form or subscribe to newsletters of your salon.


This page should be updated constantly to help clients get to know from the past beauty-related ideas and stories.


3. Send Newsletters To Reach Out To Your Customers

For small beauty businesses, it is important to connect with the customers and help them discover promotions, deals, and the latest services.

Now is the time to tag your website pages.

After creating your website, listing services, uploading pictures, you need to focus on being found on Google by the local customers. To do that you may need to hire website design and development company services to optimize your website for search engines. They will take care of the SEO part to ensure your website appears in Google search results. 

Once your page is tagged appropriately, it will display the search results for local customers. 

On every page make sure you add the name of your city/town and country in the description.

It can take 4 days to 4 weeks for your salon to appear in Google search results. Till then you can share the link of your website on different social media channels to connect with your customers.


Website Builder – A Perfect Tool To Help Your Salon Business Grow


A website builder helps you build your salon site to gain new customers and interact with the existing customers. You can choose a template, create a logo and customize the layout of your site.

If you are planning to invest in Salon & Spa web development services in USA ,make sure you try the website builders offered by a trusted salon website development company near you. 

WebFox being a reliable web development company usa can help you get a website builder to develop a website on your own. If you need a custom website, our team of expert developers can help you with custom as well as white-label salon website development solutions to help your business grow and earn profits.

Get in touch with us to share your website requirements and we will help you get a robust website that drives your potential customers to the site.

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