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Many entrepreneurs begin their POD business by developing an effective strategy. They determine achievable goals and discover the potential for further growth. Dropshipping, purchasing printing inventory, renting warehouses, and providing multichannel sales – this is not even the complete list of possible solutions for future scaling. And this article, we dedicate to building an online marketplace as one of the excellent opportunities for companies to thrive and get competitive advantages. But first, let’s see some vital numbers that predict further POD industry boosting.

The global POD market doesn’t give up positions and promises to gain 26.1% CAGR till 2023 reaching $39.4 billion in share. The apparel segment makes up 39.6% of it, being the most popular direction for POD business development. The other popular stuff includes home decor, drinkware, and accessories. 

The latest print on demand marketplace statistics testifies that increased sales of customized goods are broadly caused by lowering operational costs caused by the automated software implementation. Optimization apps allowed POD sellers to provide order and inventory management faster and more accurately, saving resources and increasing overall efficiency.

The entertainment industry significantly impacts the printing market, driving demands on products with popular movie or cartoon characters. Modern customers may prefer t-shirts with popular printed slogans to a picturesque image.

Anyway, trends change, and successful entrepreneurs should adapt to current customers' desires more flexibly. But the necessity to build a robust online presence is constant because around 70% of the US and more than 27% of the global inhabitants buy online. And thus, we smoothly move to the next chapter, which describes how to build a digital shop.

Many startupers worry that creating an online store on Shopify or another platform for selling customized products is a long and complex task requiring special skills. But we can ensure it’s simpler than it seems at first glance, especially when you have detailed instructions on hand. So we provide you with some tips on how to set up a print on demand store and conquer the e-commerce market.

Start to explore the possibilities with a free trial

All the user-friendly platforms allow customers to examine features for managing an online shop within several days for free. And Shopify is not an exception. You may visit an official page and launch a trial. As Shopify store building process requires entering a digital shop name, it will become a part of an URL. It may also be challenging to pick up a unique one. The system will notify you with an error message if your shop name already exists on the platform. Then you need to try your luck with another one.   

After entering all the required information, press “Create an online store,” and you’ll get your personal selling profile.

Add a print on demand supplier

If you want to follow the dropshipping business model, find a reliable printer that will make customized stuff for you, pack it and send it to the final customer. At that time, you will focus efforts on how to bring customers to your print on demand store.

To streamline creating your listings and establishing communication with the vendor, you should connect your Shopify store with the printers’ application. For this purpose

  • select favorite app, then press “Add app”
  • then press “Install app”

Create listings

At this step, you can integrate product assortment from your supplier’s app. Go to My stores → Add product. Also, you may upload files with your unique print on demand pictures by clicking “Create a design.” You’ll be able to add colors, image sizes, and item prices and descriptions. Test the previews and finish the process. You will see new products in your Shopify selling account.

Make an eye-catching website design

There is an approved method of how to make a print on demand store stand out from the crowd. Use various themes to customize your store interface – most of them are free of charge. Also, you may examine paid options to integrate a one-of-a-kind design. Edit fonts, text, and images, and publish a theme, when you will get a satisfying result.

Set up payment options

Your clothing print on demand store business is only possible with safe financial transactions. Owners of the Shopify account are eligible for a dedicated payment system to accept clients' money for purchased products and send them to a supplier for order fulfillment. You can add a Shopify payment provider in profile Settings – Payments.

Open the store

During the trial period, clients can’t buy items from your store. This is when you only learn how to manage a webpage and customize it to your liking. You should choose a suitable subscription plan in Settings → Accounts → Compare plans to launch an online shop. Then remove a password, which protects the tested shop from clients’ orders in Preferences. That’s all, and now you can advertise your print on demand store and wait for your first buyers.

Now, when you learn how to establish a dropshipping POD business without stocking any inventory, let’s get familiar with the next amazing method of generating passive income. Except for retailing goods by yourself, you can build a thriving environment for other entrepreneurs and help them succeed too. Let’s learn it in more detail


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