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If you’ve been lifting for a while, chances are you have a few lagging muscle groups. It’s a natural part of the bodybuilder’s journey, but they can stick out if you have ignored them long enough. Even under your bodybuilding clothing, you can tell they aren’t up to par. Whether it’s your rear delts, hamstrings, traps, calves, or another muscle group, it’s not too late to give them extra attention. Here are four tips to help you bulk up lagging muscle groups.

Start Workouts on Weak Muscle Groups

You have the most focus, energy, and motivation at the beginning of your workout. That makes it the perfect time to target the weak muscle groups that seem to be holding you back. You can push yourself and get a good burn in these areas. If it’s leg day and your calves aren’t where you want, start with calf raises or farmer’s walks on your toes. If your triceps are lagging, begin your workout with dips or skull crushers. That way, you get your most important lifts in right away when you have the most energy and can squeeze out those necessary extra reps.

Try Advanced Training Techniques

Getting stronger is about pushing your body in new ways. While you can never abandon the tried-and-true movements, there’s always room to experiment with new, advanced techniques. If done right, they can target your muscles from new angles, helping them gain added dimension.

For example, supersets can add a new level of intensity to your workouts and result in a fierce burn. Drop sets can help push your muscles to new levels by going to failure each set. Negative lifts are another great thing to try when you want to focus on stalled-out muscle growth as well. These small tweaks to your training, along with renewed attention, could help bring your lagging muscles up to speed with the rest of your body.

Train Weak Muscle Groups Twice Each Week

It’s vital you are training each muscle group enough. One reason specific muscles might be lagging is a lack of volume. You should aim to hit these lagging muscle groups at least twice per week, if not more. Overtraining can be a concern, but as long as you have at least two days between each workout, your body has enough time to recover. Targeting a specific muscle group and working it out at least twice a week can be the secret to getting those muscles back on track.

Switch Up Intensity and Volume

Falling into a rut and getting too comfortable with your routine can be one of the biggest causes of lagging muscles. Going for three sets of 12 reps every single time for every single lift isn’t always a good idea. While this strategy works well for some muscle groups, others might lag. You need to take them off guard and give them new challenges. Try upping the weight and lowering the number of reps for your lift. This intense strategy will have you sweating through your weightlifting clothes in no time. Or, you can reduce the weight and increase the reps. Either way, you’re showing your muscles something new and testing your body in different ways.

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