How To Buy Outdoor Lounge Furniture

Outdoor living is in vogue especially with families spending more time at home relaxing in the evenings or over weekends. Your garden is not just about flowers and trees, it has become an extension of the living area and accordingly the furniture reflects that. With lounge furniture available in different styles, sizes and prices, multitude of choices that can become overwhelming.

From functional tables and sofa sets to chaise loungers and sun decks, you can furnish the outdoor area to become perfect relaxing zones. If you are looking to buy your first set of lounge furniture or replacing an old one, you need to consider a few factors that can help you select the best for your money.

Space and lifestyle as key considerations

Before you finalize and purchase, planning the furniture according to the space is important. Take measurements and be realistic about the number of chairs and tables that you can adjust within the space. It might look good and alluring in a catalogue or in the store settings, but it can clutter up your outdoor area if there are too many pieces or large in size.

Irrespective of whether a certain lounge furniture style is in vogue, you need to see if it matches your lifestyle and if it doesn't, look for something that does. If you often have formal parties, an outdoor bar can be a welcome addition but if you have informal gatherings with kids in tow, selecting comfortable sofas and large tables can be a better investment.

Consider maintenance and care

Buying lounge and garden furniture is not just a one-time buy but requires periodic care and maintenance. As the outdoor furniture is available in different materials, each of them requires a different level of care. You need to ascertain your need and see if you would be able to maintain it well. Wood furniture needs a coat of oil and cleaning occasionally to maintain the lustre while wrought iron furniture will require maintenance to remain rust-free, but it is hardy and durable for outdoor use.
Wicker and rattan look well outdoors but is fragile and needs to be stored during rainy days and winters, if it is placed in the garden.

You need to realistically consider the amount of time you can spend in maintenance for long-term use and buy accordingly. Plastics, synthetic poly-lumber and vinyl-upholstered furniture are durable and prefect if you intend placing the furniture close to swimming pools or in the garden as they can withstand heat and cold with equal ease whilst needing little maintenance.

The new furniture needs to maintain the flow between your indoor décor and outdoor style. Choosing the same style of outdoor furniture can ensure that the whole house complements and makes the outdoor part of the indoor living space. The wide range of available lounge furniture ensures that you can easily create a cohesive space which is tastefully done, creating an ambience of peaceful relaxation. Thus, select furniture that reflects your taste and is less formal than your living room.


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