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The calculation of Maghrib time in Islam involves determining the exact moment of sunset, as Maghrib begins immediately after the sun has set. Various methods are used to calculate Maghrib time, and these methods take into account factors such as the geographical location, the angle of the sun, and the twilight duration. Here are some common methods used to calculate Maghrib time:


  1. **Actual Sunset Method:**

   – Maghrib is calculated as soon as the sun sets below the horizon. The time is determined based on astronomical observations, taking into account the true or apparent sunset.


  1. **Fixed Minutes After Sunset:**

   – Maghrib time is calculated by adding a fixed number of minutes to the actual sunset time. The fixed minutes can vary, but common values used are 1, 3, 5, or 15 minutes after sunset.


  1. **Twilight Angle Method:**

   – Maghrib is calculated based on the angle of the sun below the horizon. There are different levels of twilight, such as civil twilight, nautical twilight, and astronomical twilight, each with varying degrees of darkness after sunset.


  1. **Combination of Methods:**

   – Some Islamic organizations use a combination of methods, incorporating both astronomical calculations and fixed minutes after sunset.


It's important to note that different Islamic schools of thought and communities may follow different methods for calculating Maghrib time. Additionally, technology, such as specialized software and online platforms, is often used to provide accurate and up-to-date prayer times based on these calculations.


For precise Maghrib time in your location, it is recommended to refer to local Islamic authorities, mosques, or reputable online sources that provide prayer timetables specific to your geographical coordinates.


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