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Comet NEOWISE is going to pass by the Earth, since 1997. According to NASA, the comet is showing up during the evening, making the astrophotographers stand in the dark to get its amazing shots.

The internet is loaded with the images of the comet transpiring at the horizon just before the sun rises or sometimes just after the sunset. People still have to use binoculars to track down the fast comet. But then how do the photographers manage to get those fabulous pictures?

Well, you have to plan with patience. And if you possess the required tools and if the weather cooperates a bit, you too can get amazing shots. These are the basic tips:

Choose the Correct Time and Correct Place

According to NASA, the Comet Neowise is most probably going to appear in the evening of northwest and western skies. After you face the right direction, go far off from the light and pollution, and ensure that you get a clear and wide night sky view. Avoid clouds and the lights to execute your astrophotography plans stunningly. Few courageous photographers also climb mountains, late at night, or early in the morning to get the most precise view.


Though the comet travels at the speed of 28,159 km per hour, it seems almost static from the earth. Hence, clicking Neowise depends on our accurateness and long exposures. Get your hands on a durable and sturdy tripod along with a camera that has a favorable zoom lens. Set your camera as well as a lens to manual focus mode and exposure. Also, consider using a present mode for long-exposure in order to control it. The best way is to use a camera that has a shutter release cable or has a self-timer, or maybe any sort of remote operation capability so that the camera doesn’t shake or blur as you press the shutter button. A wide-angle lens can also work amazingly as it catches more light.


After you get the correct angle and right spot, discover the comet. Now setting up begins. Firstly, get rid of the auto-focus mode and use manual mode to adjust focal lengths, exposures, and frames. Now let the comet appear in an isolated background and click the picture.

Process Your Image

Editing can take your picture to another level. Therefore editing your photo is a must. After getting your shot, use good editing software to give your image a good finishing touch.

These are some simple tricks you can use to capture amazing comet shots and show off your astrophotography. Do share your fantastic shots with the world on social media.

Source :- https://lilymartinblogexpert.wordpress.com/2020/07/24/how-to-capture-comet-neowise-in-your-camera-before-it-goes-away/

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