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How to Carry a Concealment Purse?

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September 2022 – Everyone deserves to defend themselves in the hour of need as they see fit, especially women. Most women prefer going out carrying a gun to other safety devices such as pepper spray. However, unlike men, women's outfits are not baggy or do not have large pockets to store a firearm. Therefore, many women use concealment purses and gun cases for carrying a gun. You can find an affordable and quality collection of the best locking handgun case at Garrison Grip. These crossbody and shoulder carry concealment purses are easy to use and do not draw much suspicion. Here's what you should know about it.

Is it right for you?

Before using a concealed carry purse, ask yourself the following questions:

  • How often do you use and carry crossbody or shoulder purses?
  • Have you committed to the concealment carry lifestyle?
  • How well can you keep track of your purse?

It is vital to know the answer to these questions. It takes a lot to walk around with a gun on you. While some people are mentally prepared to take up such a responsibility, some are not. You need to be comfortable carrying this purse with a  gun regularly to protect yourself or someone around as and when needed. Moreover, you have to be responsible. You cannot afford to lose it out of sight.

How to carry concealed in your purse properly?

Consider safety

Safety is the primary issue that women worry about when carrying items in their purses. Catastrophes like this one, in which a youngster obtains a firearm from their mother, are common. When bearing a hidden weapon while carrying a purse, you should consider it to be an extension of yourself. When a firearm gets in the hand of a child or a wrong person, it poses many threats. However, using a purse to carry a gun does not make it unsafe, as long as you have the right mindset and habits of carrying it. For instance, Garrison Grip offers the best locking LG gun cases and concealment purses, like, LT Brown Crossbody or Shoulder Carry Leather Locking Concealment Purse – CCW Concealed Carry Gun Bag. You can also find it in dark brown and black colors.

Have a dedicated pocket

It's ideal if your purse includes a special pocket for your gun. It is recommended to purchase a concealed carry purse since carrying a handgun in a regular handbag can damage the bag or, worse yet, result in undesired scenarios.

With a built-in holster and compartment for a gun, a concealed carry handbag is a better choice to hold a firearm. It usually has a lock for extra safety. You may carry and access a weapon more conveniently, thanks to this bag, and use your ordinary purse as a purse.

Protect the trigger

Some people make a dedicated pocket for their firearm in their regular handbags instead of using a concealment purse. Although it may separate the gun from the clutter, it can still poke through the material divider, causing it to trigger accidentally. That's why concealment purses are best suitable for storing the firearm to avoid such accidental firings.

About: Garrison Grip is a notable manufacturer of concealed carry products. They offer various holsters, grip extensions, concealed carry cases, and some of the best locking handgun cases. To learn more, call (520) 906-4581.


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