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Volunteering is an act of service where someone goes above and beyond what is expected of them. Volunteers take time out of their life to further a cause or help an organization they believe in. This can even be a small amount of volunteering, like an hour or two each week at the local community kitchen. Or it could be lengthier tasks like spending a few weeks on a humanitarian mission. Either way, volunteers deserve to be celebrated. National Volunteer Week is from April 19-25, so now is one of the best times to give appreciation gifts to your volunteers. Here are four ways to show your volunteers how much they mean to you.

Words of Appreciation

Words of appreciation are simple, but they are also one of the most genuine ways to show someone your gratitude. Sharing your honest feelings about how big of an impact they have made is a surefire way to build up their confidence and make them happy they volunteered. The key to this is making sure that they understand how they have positively affected the organization they were working with. They volunteer because they believe in making a difference. By speaking honestly with them about how important they were, you can boost their spirits and help them come away with a positive outlook on the experience.

Give a Gift

Volunteers aren’t in it for the money or rewards, but that doesn’t mean you can’t show your appreciation with a gift. Gifts for employees can double as gifts for volunteers. A stainless-steel tumbler with a customized message or a personalized tote is a practical reward that can also show how grateful you are for every volunteer’s hard work. You can give them a plant with a personal message on the pot or give a crystal trophy to a volunteer who went above and beyond. Volunteers aren’t looking to get paid, but that doesn’t mean they won’t love to see the fruits of their labor recognized with a gift.

Throw a Party

When you have multiple volunteers who you want to celebrate, a dinner party or group event can be a great way to show your appreciation. After all the hard work, volunteers deserve a bit of relaxation, and a party is a fun way to wind down and reflect on everything they have accomplished. You can set up a catered dinner at a dining hall or opt for a more active group event. Activities like bowling, axe throwing, and trivia nights are fun group activities that make a perfect setting for acknowledging the hard work of your volunteers.

A Letter of Recommendation

Volunteering looks good on any college or career resume. It shows that the volunteer used their free time to give back to their community in a meaningful way. Recognize this by giving your volunteers a letter of recommendation when they need one. They can use it for job applications, scholarship applications, or even to find new volunteer opportunities. A letter of recommendation combines meaningful sentiment with practical use, making it the perfect way to celebrate your volunteers during National Volunteer Week.

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