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The PowerPoint application is one of the features that is a very familiar tool to you that you know. Here you can create, edit, and view the presentation, and also, you can share your presentation easily anywhere and rapidly. PowerPoint also offers you to present any format and content of your slide in many ways. If you wish to print your slide or want to display your presentation in a huge and smaller and also average size, here, you can also change the slider size.

Change PowerPoint Slider Size

PowerPoint have two ordinary slide sizes, and first size in ration 4:3 and the second option you can use in the previous version of the hardware that presents your slide. If you wish to plan and want to present your PowerPoint slide presentation through your ordinary display or projector, then the ration in 16:9, and slide size might be in your preference or option.

By originally, PowerPoint will work as a ratio 16:9 slide side. If you wish to print slide that you have created , then you can print one slide on one page, and you might be used to your custom slide rather then you can use only one option in these two features.

If you want to change your size, then you can use an easy command, here you need to launch the PowerPoint presentation and start your production then tap on the “Design” option on the strip option.

In the “custom” option in the “Design” option, choose the “Slider size” option. It will appear the two ordinary slide sizes in your drop-down menu.

Tap on the “Standard” ratio (4:3), and you can also use the widescreen ratio (19:9) button to switch your entire PowerPoint slide in size.

Changing Custom Slide Size of PowerPoint

It is also probable to use custom PowerPoint slid size if your default size in ration 4:3 and ratio 16:9 features are incompatible. You maybe select the custom size if you wish to print a full-size of PowerPoint slide through the custom page to print instant.

Follow the steps to do:

  1. Select design.
  2. Tap Slide Size.
  3. Hit Custom Slide Size into your display into “Slide size” features.
  4. There you can see several slide sizes, like A3 and A4 sizes in the Slide Size in the drop-down menu.
  5. Here you need to choose on from the list, and then you need to set dimension manually for your size like “Height” and Width” features boxes.
  6. Then you need to tap on the “OK” option to change save.
  7. If you want to change your size and don’t your presentation into a little size, then PowerPoint will be asked you to how you can handle your slide content.
  8. Select “maximize” when you wish to remain your slide content at a same scale, here you need to take the risk to some content might be cut-out.
  9. You can also tap “Ensue Fit” to scale your slide content that is down in size without trailing you any content.

Conclusion: In the above article, we have mentioned How to Change Slide Size in PowerPoint. We hope you will find the resolution of your problem, and this article will help in the favor solve your issue.



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