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When you are looking for the right AR 15 for sale, you might also want to consider a chest rig to go with it. It helps you carry mags, making reloading at the range easier and potentially giving you space for other items. Chest rigs come in various styles, and knowing what to look for can help you get the proper chest rig for your needs. Here are some things to consider and look for when you are choosing the right rig.

Chest Placard

The chest placard is a fabric panel, usually with MOLLE webbing or sewn-on pouches. It is the heart of the chest rig and is needed for a chest rig to be effective. You want a placard with enough space for all the items you need. However, you also need to be sure not to overload it, or the weight-saving benefits of a chest rig over a plate carrier will be negated. It should fit properly around the base of your sternum. Remember that it will be weight bearing, from mags to a radio to your HK USP, so choose accordingly.

Harness Type

There are three types of harnesses you are likely to encounter in chest rigs. The first is the H-harness, which has a connector between shoulder straps. These are best for larger body types but can ride up underneath your arms. The X-harness is better for smaller body types and has crossing shoulder straps. It can ride up in the back, especially if you have a plate carrier on underneath. Finally, Y-harnesses are less common these days. They connect at the shoulder blades into one strap that attaches to the waist or belt.

Waist Strap

Without a waist strap, your chest rig might bounce around during operations. The waist strap connects to the bottom of the placard on both sides and should sit around the lower back, above the belt line. A good quality chest rig will have a pad or MOLLE webbing panel on this strap.


You might be spending a long time in your chest rig. It should be comfortable and adjustable to fit you best. If you need to wear body armor, it should also accommodate a plate carrier and adjust to fit over it.

Bare vs. Purpose-built

A purpose-built chest rig will have pouches sewn into it. You are stuck with whatever is on it. If it did not come with a pouch that fits your CZ 75 SP 01 at the range, but you want to have it on your chest rig, you are out of luck. Purpose-built rigs tend not to jostle items as much and are cheaper. Bare chest rigs have no pouches but instead a system to attach pouches, such as MOLLE webbing. You can change out pouches as needed. You need to know what you want, where you want it, and that it will cost you more than the purpose-built rig. However, you can ensure you have a pouch for your CZ or other items you want to keep on your chest.

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