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Knowing how to select the right forklift truck will contribute to the safety of the people standing inside the forklift work platform. You require specialized insight if you wish to find the most cost-effective and productive machine. Apart from the power source and size, you must evaluate several safety factors that affect the long-term cost. These aspects including the amount of weight it can lift and how careful you must be when manipulating the load in specific sensitive areas. You also need to know whether hiring a truck is better than purchasing one or vice versa. Here you’ll learn a few things that can aid you in your selection.

The application

According to one of the best dealers of drum handling equipment, a mission-critical factor concerning your choice of a forklift includes the specifications of the worksite and the intended application. You have to pick your machine based on indoor or outdoor projects. Additionally, you need to pay attention to the floors. The smoothness or roughness of the surface will dictate your choice, as well as the lift heights and the products, materials, or personnel involved. No matter what you do, make sure you get equipment suitable for the job. You’ll find hundreds and thousands of manufacturers operating in the country. Choosing the right one may seem a bit daunting in the beginning, but it will get easier if you assess the needs of your application.

Your choice

Now, it’s time to select the machine that will lift the forklift work platform. You need to start with the load capacity. For that purpose, consider the stock it will be handling, average load weight, the heaviest load you must lift, and the load width. Since you need this machine to help your workers reach elevated areas, you must select the right truck for this purpose. The next point of consideration is the height. It’s vital as it will affect the device’s load-lifting capacity. Usually, forklift trucks start at a lift height of 8 feet and go up to 20 feet. However, you’ll also find a few machines that can lift higher. After that, you must turn your attention to the fuel systems. Some trucks run on electricity, while others with internal combustion systems need diesel or CNG.


You can’t neglect the tires of the truck. The sellers of drum handling equipment suggest paying attention to the operating environment. It will help you choose the right tires needed by the vehicle to operate. Usually, you have to select from three tire types – pneumatic, solid, and cushion tires. The first one facilitates heavy-duty lifting and outdoor operation, while the second one is also for various heavy-duty jobs. If your forklift truck has solid tires, you can use it in construction areas, recycling centers, lumber yards, etc. However, if you’re going to use the machine inside a factory, you should opt for cushion tires as they offer impeccable maneuverability.

Ergonomics too

 In the end, you need to consider the ergonomics of the vehicle. The drivers often have to command the machine for hours at a stretch. If the device isn’t ergonomically enhanced, the driver can’t operate it for extended periods. By investing in an ergonomically superior truck, you will reduce the possibilities of injuries, back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, etc.


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